Very strange coffee grinder handy for dudes


In General, coffee is very important. However, it is important. First, brewed in the coffee maker or the Turk coffee better than coffee, which «dissolved», there is even no need to ask. If we ever make a list of those things that should be able to do any of people, at one of the places should be: brew coffee. But we’re gonna cheat, make coffee not only in Turku.

In today’s world we are heavily dependent on various technologies, we do not have enough of something warm and lamp. We lack warmth and nanowaste. For example, in our rapidly changing world is no place for such simple joys of manual coffee mill. These guys hurry up and invent a work of art — the most expensive and strangest coffee grinder.

Actually this is a very pretty small Desk and the machine grinds the coffee beans into a homogeneous powder. Under the body of the device is 83 mm drill, which is finely-finely grinds the beans when you twist the handle, as in the hurdy-gurdy.


Price of the device is a bit inadequate, in our opinion, $ 900. But you never know if the person coffee fan?

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