Very original… ahem… diet

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Very often we need to lose weight. This is a problem, the real problem, though, if you follow our numerous great tips, it will be much less. But this savvy Asian guy invented a really weird way of dealing with excess weight.

28-year-old Japanese man who in a Japanese press called Yuichi ito, lost about 9 pounds (which in our about 4.5 pounds) is extremely original way. He kept a diary, where carefully, with special pedantry recorded how many times… pacified his flesh during the day. Challenge ito put myself to masturbate every day three to five times. The experiment was conducted for about two months.

As Yuichi came to such a life? Simple enough. The Internet guy read that every session of love spends calories is equivalent to Jogging in the 200 meters at an accelerated rate. As in ito of the girls there (and apparently not expected), the guy started to love myself. Sometimes three times a day, sometimes five and sometimes all seven. It lasted almost two months. The result is obvious.

But, experts say, about freaking out from the idea of the ito, so far-diet is harmful. Not only that, calories burned through physical work, and from a mere loss, so also the level of hormones jumps back and forth. About problems in the future do not say anything. In short, no FAP diet!

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