Very fast and improved paper airplane

We again encourage you to briefly return to childhood. Take your nephew with you to the Park (not to palitsya what you like to launch planes), and arrange with him the battle of paper Boeing. Guarantee you a great weekend and tears of the nephew.

1.Let’s start

You need to fold the A4 sheet in half and cut it on the fold line. You need only one part of the sheet.


The part of the sheet that you left the warehouse again. Unfold and fold the two top area inside. Leave between connected parts of a gap of 1 — 2 mm.


Warehouses a preset plane as shown in the photo.

4.Again take

Keep folding the corners of the sheet to the center. The most important thing, to get a very sharp «nose».

5.Suitable wings

It’s time to make wings. Keep the plane folded along the fold. In place of the dotted line (see photo) fold paper parallel to the lower edge of the plane.

6.You will need one hole

When you cut the holes for the elastic, we would have recommended the use of a knife. Of course, you can use scissors. BUT! You have to be careful. The hole should be neatly cut out, otherwise the rubber band may get stuck in it.

7.And elastic band


Choosing the right elastic is key. Unless you want your plane flew super far. For maximum portability, choose a long elastic band, which will be good to stretch. Try to stretch the elastic if it returns to its original position, then it is good.

Now it’s time for a quick flight! Load the rubber band plane and start this hell-a fast car.

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