Very dangerous future

Let’s not pessimism. The quality of life of the Russian people, despite the crisis, much better than a hundred or two years ago. Everyone enjoys the fruits of civilization, and smart people coming up with new things that are designed to facilitate the already difficult life. We’re not technophobes, but all this progress has a reverse side! We are so busy praising modern technology that often can’t put the simplest questions that directly relate to them. And the question is always the same: «There is a possibility that THIS is a strange way to deal with killing people?» And if you studied the whole subject with safety, then, of course, the answer is you will not be happy. Yes, there is hope.

1. Electronic cigarette

About our attitude to electronic cigarettes you probably already know. But still would like to touch on this vital topic, because vaping is firmly established in a civilized society, but vapers sincerely believe that a couple they do not spoil your health and not destroying your lungs.

In some ways they are right. However, modern science has not given a definitive answer about this. Nicotine in electronic cigarette really not as dangerous as the nicotine from regular cigarettes, but these electronic monsters something unpleasant. The matter is the ingredient that is used for most gas stations, the diacetyl. Chemical is fairly harmless stuff, but not when you breathe it. Heard of obliterative bronchiolitis? Read at your leisure, is a disease that makes your lungs something like popcorn. Wildly dangerous disease that needs a transplant, if you want to live. At one time the disease was very common among factory workers who inhaled diacetyl over a long period of time.

Of course, we’re talking about long-term familiarity with the electronic cigarettes.

2. Flights: and we are not about disasters

The danger, of course, is not that the recent terrorist attack on the aircraft, and planes that are not in the best condition. If you look at simple statistics, any aircraft will be much safer than a car. Just the information explosion, much stronger than from an ordinary car accident (even if it is mass).

But we on the other. The aircraft industry is developing, as every year passenger flights climb higher and higher. But there in the sky that is not very fused with our physical health. We’re talking about cosmic radiation, which is dangerous for all of us. And we are talking about the fact that it is not far the day when commercial space travel becomes reality, and reality is available not only for the rich but for the ordinary people. Elon Musk is not the only guy who want to fry the future of the weary traveler. Suborbital spaceflight is very promising, and it develops very quickly. This technology will be able to give mankind an extremely fast way to travel.

So maybe the aircraft will be equipped with special protection from unexpected bursts of solar activity. But we know that every second buy the cheapest ticket, and the weather, no matter how many times you go to the airport sucks. It turns out that the solar radiation will become more pressing problem for space tourists soon.

3. Technologies that keep your hands free

Mobile phone a blessing and a curse of the modern era. It gives us access to any information in the world, but spends much of our time. It connects us with a variety of personalities, but further from loved ones. Previously, it was necessary to hold, which limited our mobility. But now everything has changed. We can talk on the phone using a variety of Hands-Free technology that was originally designed to combat distracted driving, which killed thousands of people. Except that many phones have voice control, and automotive systems are often equipped with such chips. The voice control is easily synced with your smartphone, allowing you to concentrate on the road and stay online. Cool after all, right?

But Hands-Free technology similar to placebo and possibly much worse, than placebo. The whole voice control is not doing anything that could prevent the risk of an accident. In fact, you’re even more distracted when using voice commands while driving. We are distracted by the app that works through time, and we get what we get: a broken machine and a few weeks in the hospital (at best).

4. Cars without drivers

Give fuel to the fire of technophobia. Cars without drivers – not news, «Tesla» has revealed a complex system of autopilot in some of its cars in 2015, and Google has successfully presented its Driverless system. And this whole evolution of machines is inevitable and it is necessary if we want to move forward. Just need to remember that at the time when the driver requires a truly independent decision, the automated system can not cope with this.

Many say that the machine with the autopilot system – not more than the regular car, which takes you from point a to point B And when we argue, just remember the traffic that passes between these points. The condition of the roads, crazy drivers, drifts and shit. If you’re a driver, then these pleasures of life you know. As a result, we come to the conclusion that at some point the way the automated system will unconsciously do something that ultimately can kill you. Because it does not take into account the many factors that could begin to feel alive driver.

5. Work

OK, you knew that they would be in this list, right?

Many of us are futurists, but in the soul of every futurist sits so angry and drunken man who would be happy to break the stone with a sledgehammer all that he thinks is suspicious and dangerous. It is believed that all of these injuries in factories (some fatal) are associated primarily with human error, not because the robots suddenly rebelled. And it is.

But now the robot uprising fear not only crazy people who wear tinfoil hats, but also such famous people as Stephen Hawking. The latter, for example, believes that «artificial intelligence, learning to cultivate, will surpass the Creator and take the initiative». Not difficult to guess that our options are limited by slow evolution, but the robots such obstacles never was.

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