Vaughn, sleepy flies — How to become more energetic?

manygoodtips.com_14.02.2014_KQCmbYkYsQZ8KIn mid-February, no one forces. You have the power? I don’t have. Winter is exhausting, sluggish squeezes the lemons of human carcasses and drop them to the side exhausted and limp. After the winter — it’s almost like after an illness. Long and pretty bored of the disease. How to get over it and stop being sleepy?

Sex, sports and sex

Let’s say you’re just an average person working 40 hours a week, you have little time for exercise and friends, it’s easier for you just to sit in front of the TV on the spot all weekend. You have no energy and it’s the only free time you have.

It is clear that you have no strength Friday night. Need to manage your time smarter, practice more and communicate more often, and more sex. The better your shape, the more energy you have, the more often you have sex and the better you live.

No matter what type of aerobic exercise you choose: running and swimming are equally good, if they do at least 20 minutes three days a week. These classes are easy to fit into your daily routine, and they are guaranteed to help you regain strength. One caveat: in sex, as in everything needs moderation. Too much sex at one time — a large expenditure of energy.

Less fat

As regards diet, everything is clear: we need to eat less fat. Not clogged arteries and better blood flow to the heart and penis. The better the heart drives the blood, the more you energy, and an erection longer. Fats should make up 20-30% of your diet. Who wants to lose weight, one should cut this number in half.

And, of course, if there is less fat, will begin to lose weight. Who eats without measure, at high pressure, which causes stress and inhibits erection. So eat less fat and may disappear your problems with erection.


Many vitamins speed up metabolism and strengthen the immune system, besides increasing the level of energy. Here’s a quick overview:

Vitamin C

A glass of orange juice, definitely don’t hurt. Vitamin C recharges the body with energy. Bonus: you recover faster and are engaged in the prevention of cancer.

Vitamin E

It is contained in nuts of all kinds, fish oil and vegetable oils. Vitamin E is involved in digestion and the digestion of some fats, and also helps to build muscle mass. It also reduces the risk of heart attack.


Carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, spinach and melon — the best sources of beta-carotene. This vitamin supports the immune system and prevents heart disease.


This trace mineral reduces cholesterol, stimulates muscle growth and controls the level of blood sugar. Foods rich in chromium: tuna, liver, shrimp, salmon, barley and beets.


The selenium contained in shrimp, nuts, cereals (rice, wheat, lentils), beans, corn and eggs. It is necessary for thyroid function and metabolism, and is also famous for its antioxidant properties.


The most popular natural energy drink, a tincture which you can easily find in any pharmacy. Since ancient times, ginseng is known for its tonic properties, for many years it was used in traditional medicine. When you feel mental or physical exhaustion, suffer from stress, lethargy, fatigue, and nauseous from everything, it’s time to drink ginseng. It will help you to focus and cheer up.


We feel exhausted because tired and do not know how to relax. Learn quality rest will give you strength.

Meditation includes a visual representation. For a start, close your eyes and concentrate on trying to calm down. When you become relaxed, start to displace from my mind all thoughts and breathe deeply. Ideally, your head should appear a ringing emptiness.

Then there’s all this banality of American movies: feel the warmth fills you from head to toe. Sit there for a few minutes visualizing this image and see the result. When you open your eyes, slowly stand up and go for a walk or even a jog.

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