Varieties of unwanted people

We, brought up on Soviet books about friendship to the grave, from childhood, believed that we must be friends with every person, no matter what. The gap with someone we did not have seriously considered as a betrayal and extremely despicable act. So we gnash tooth tolerate obnoxious relatives, friends and other rabble, which, of course, not treat us well, but we’re confident because we know them from a young age, have no moral right to leave them. Because «what is not there, but still relatives» or «man in the mountain Tang — take a chance». Somehow, in our mentality it is completely unacceptable to send a person whom you know for many years because it nafig you do not need and only spoils your life. Unfortunately, we still believe that this is correct, mired with unnecessary people to have more friends. Is it worth it to do this? Of course not, you write so many articles about this that really need to understand the negative people in your life not the place. And how are these negative people? Another look at the problem from us.

1. A conspicuous

These people turn their lives into theater. For them we are only the audience, but we’re the type of viewer who needs to be silent, to sit on the sidelines and clap them so talented. Conspicuous extroverts in the most vile its manifestation, they are directly dependent on the people around, it is inherent they have in mind, to get rid of this feature for them is absolutely a luxury. From conspicuous consumer is often not their opinions, since it is formed from the opinions of people around. Everything these people do and how they live, is the extraction of attention. How the hell are they this good! Often conspicuous still, what kind of attention they pay: captured or negative. All they do is feed off attention, without it they wither and die. Because their whole life is a game, these bards from psychology are able to show yourself in such a way that the first impression of them will always be positive. Moreover, untrained dudes just go crazy on these people. Men suits know how to get a file that you think they are the most bright and wonderful personality. Girl pokazushno manages to convince everyone that she is smart, interesting, well-read and beautiful girl, which around the world two or three in a billion. If you look closely, you can see that all this window dressing, but these people are very superficial. They are specifically interested in fashion things, read the translations of works on Wikipedia, I know a few famous authors, but for all this brilliance is sometimes difficult to realize that they confuse Kafka, Sartre and sometimes overplayed.

2. Voluntary ignorant

These guys fashionable cover their narrow-mindedness, laziness and unwillingness to develop the concept of «simplicity». «I’m a simple woman,» «I am a simple man! I would Shishkin and Aivazovsky, and not Magritte and Monet!» They believe that this behavior makes them positive guys in their Board, they forget that «simplicity» is when a man is nice and easy to speak, but not when there are no aggravating circumstances the type of at least dozens of books read.

3. Leeches

There are dudes who can expertly drive you to moral debts. They’ll make you something good, for example, to help with the move, and you will be forced to help them with the little things, because myself each time will be to persuade: «Vova helped me move, I ordered right from the Internet, how can I refuse him paying for the beer!» Very often, these leeches can be a lifetime to milk the people around, occasionally giving them small favors and in return for MUCH more, but we’re not accustomed to consider other people’s useful things, it’s so wrong, bro!

4. «You only live once!»

Why these guys don’t want to try Hiking in the forest with geologists, survival courses or a game of checkers. They are not going to hang around in the gym, travel the world, play in role-playing and computer games, archery, and to deal with collecting stuff. I am not against these dudes who do all his life «life for yourself», travel around the world, collect experiences, know a lot and can tell a lot. This was my University teacher of philosophy, the noblest man. YOLO (You Only Live Once) — those people who want to try everything. Specifically, hard drugs, sex of all kinds, do something stupid, morally degenerate, eat like a fish, and so on. In fact, they are behind the beautiful facade of a waster, though there’s a lot of nice things, does not bring harm, but they don’t think about it.

5. Talkers

There’s nothing worse than a man who is not able to shut up. It seems that he starts on the case, but ends up something completely different. Sometimes you don’t understand how the conversation moves smoothly from one topic to another. You asked him about one thing, he began to answer you and moved smoothly to another. Talkers too much of a distraction and terrible zadalbyvaet. Mind you, these are not the people with whom nice to talk to, those are the people who constantly say, be sure to insert is not the case in my two cents and everywhere should do. Worst of all, when these guys get into your work or study process. The tradition to remember the University, I remember the teacher-a woman who couldn’t shut up. With it, we almost never wrote of the lecture, we listened to her conversations with the topic of the lecture flowed smoothly in her personal life, then again in the lecture, and then again in personal life. I still remember that feeling liquefaction of the brain of one of her «lectures».

6. Constantly depressing

Hate eternal whiners, life is not so bad! Bad those who do not have the balls to pull myself together, stop whining and start doing something! These people always feel bad, constantly complaining, constantly go with a sour mine. This does not mean that you need to go with a tight smile, but something to do with their eternal PMS? Many of these guys this way just to attract attention to themselves, so they, too conspicuous. To cease to communicate with them is at least for the simple reason that they are not only useless, but infect you with their bad mood of normal people.

7. Prismalence who do not believe in the possibility

«Becoming a writer is unrealistic, come on, why are you bukobensis!» «To work as a designer? This is wrong, what is the chance that you will be in demand five years from now? Go work at a Bank!» «To leave the country or to save up for a trip to Japan? Huge price drop this idea, what are you doing?» «You’re thirty years old and you play in igrulki? Children get!» Ignore these mundane people, living mortgage and the liver sausage and I don’t know that there are so many great things. For them, that the village Zazhopinsky that Paris — all the people and all the rest is the same. Needless to say, they are sorely mistaken? All their needs: eat and drink all holidays, buy clothes, nothing to think, never dreaming and not fun. They might be dreamers, but chase your dreams away.

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