Vaping: to smoke or not to smoke?


Hello, dear people who weekly dilute the dull routine of his work. Read you probably two years, if not more, and I can not get enough of. Now to my question. Like many people of this world, I was addicted to cigarettes after school. But now, in the third year, the mind is drilling the brain, the consequences we all know but that does not help. A couple of days ago got me ordered electronic vaporizer. I would like to learn from distinguished editorial, what can you tell about the so-called «vaping». Thank you for your attention.

Your reader.


Hello, our faithful and devoted reader. We love everyone who reads us, but old, loyal comrades, of course, something special, family. But there is no limit to perfection, because, as they say friends from Mordovia, «not a year period, two – lesson three – nothing, five – dope.» Glad to meet familiar nicknames in the comments, and know that we listen to your opinion, quibbles and comments. In any case, pretend to listen.

And now to business. Unfortunately, no single distributor or producer of «smoke sticks» we have not paid because praise will not. Will be harsh and honest.

Our editors have one smoker, but he is a supporter of the good old seebiveega tobacco. You do not think, we are not one of those who believes lovers to smoke thus a «cocksucker and a sissy». We for any manifestation of life, in addition to compelling radical Buddhism. But our opinion is that you just replace one habit with another. About vaping we think the same thing about the pager – tube is better because about the dangers of vaping said no less than about the dangers of regular tobacco. If we are to believe ourselves, only more harmful than hookah. Most doctors agree that the benefits of electronic cigarettes is that they are less harmful to health. But still harmful. In some types of flavored plastic contains diacetyl, which can cause obliterative bronchiolitis (bad disease), although formally recognized as safe. In other found acetoin and intention – substances, inhalation of which also causes damage to the lungs. Well, it is true that consumption of nicotine in any form is neither useful nor necessary for human health.

Some argue that all these successive shouts about the benefits and dangers of vaping – only against cigarette manufacturers, not willing to leave the market, with manufacturers of electronic cigarettes. Indeed, in large cities a growing number of vapers, even its own subculture appears. To meet walking down the street the waiter or garsonka, a coat or a leather jacket (usually not cheap), spewing clubs fragrant smoke, has become somewhat commonplace. However, in recent years, no fashion did not keep more than two years (except the beard). So that will be smoked and will take something else.

What do we think? And we think it’s all bullshit. Want to smoke – smoke. No matter what, you’re gonna die from lung cancer or AIDS button. If you are really afraid of complications of quit Smoking. Through crazy tantrums, but quit. As the wise father of our editor-in-chief, who smoked almost all his life and threw him hardly exceeded 70, «better a hundred grams to drink than to smoke a cigarette.» Although a smoke after drinking.

So it’s your business. It is clear, sometimes in a rush to inhale toxic fumes to Polish drunk, or just to think about the eternal, but the rush from cigarettes. And vaping does not bring pleasure, except that the aroma and the thoughts on its safety. Again, I want to quit – quit immediately. And so just change empty to empty, the considerable cost of Smoking Senesi considerable cost of filling the electronic cigarette. Better then buy a good cigar or pipe, and chickens. And best of all do not smoke. And we’ll show you how to quit Smoking according to Dr. Mayorov.

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