Vagabond: to wander and get pleasure from it


In childhood we all wanted to wander. At least not for long. Go along the tracks, across the country, all his to carry, behind — the aesthetics close to any man. The word «Vagabond» sounds mysterious and enticing, especially if you know it not only from the texts of Oxymoron. Make travel a way of life, learns to be a Vagabond — I’ve tried and I like it. Perhaps a little to move on like you. How to travel without money? How to eat and dress? How to move in space? In short — how to be a hobo?

1. Be pure

Dirt doesn’t like anyone. If you’re dirty and smelly, no lady will not buy you a pie, nobody give money, no one will hire you part time. More likely so: Granny is afraid of you, a passerby will get angry and will not give money, in a hurry to leave, and instead you’ll get some drunk. Yes, and there is no need to flaunt unwashed. Every gas station, every station has a toilet where you can find a sink, soap and paper towels. All this can be used to wash and shave. Love the bum does not stink.

2. Stay away from the big cities

People in big cities are much more closed than in villages and small provincial towns. They are confident in their life, they have food, they have family and a roof over your head, and in such conditions, when you have everything, it’s easy to forget about how may need another person. People from the village know what a strong sun and rain: they live on the ground and work on it, they are not so highly appreciate the comfort and their house is only a shelter from cold and storm. Therefore, they are much easier compassionate. I’m not saying that citizens are all completely arrogant and heartless people, but to touch their feelings much harder than to catch a villager for the soul.

3. Avoid intermediaries

A direct appeal is always better: you must apply directly to those who interest you. Don’t let anyone to speak up for myself. Here is an example. Once I was hitchhiking, stopped for the night at one guy, and he walked me to the track. In an upright impulse, he wanted to help me, stopping the car and turning to drivers: can, like, this dude will go with you? No one agreed. Then, when we parted, my business went much better because I was talking for himself. And as always.

4. Travel along the routes

Cars go not as fast as trains, but trains a lot of disadvantages, not to mention the fact that it is much dirtier and even more dangerous. You can seriously take the train and bring it to the police for vagrancy, you may incur a penalty if you find that you ride without a ticket or agreed with the conductor to drive for less money. Another reason to choose hitchhiking — opportunity to earn near the route. How? You can pick apples, dig potatoes, cut the cabbage, grapes — depending on where and what season you’re in. Seasonal work is a great way to acquire a no cash. Sometimes drivers may be interested in and offer you a part time job, although this does not happen very often. You can be anyone: a gardener, a waiter, a fisherman, a logger, reporter, driver, garbage man, janitor, salesman — depending on how lucky you are. Maybe, again, not lucky. For this work it is impossible to hold long, not to settle in one place.

5. Speak frankly

Not uralceva, don’t be shy, don’t look down Dale, when you answer the question. Speak politely, and «you», then without hesitation go for the «you.» Women need to speak especially polite, even gallant. Of course, this rule has plenty of exceptions, and these exceptions you will learn to recognize faces.

6. Don’t exaggerate

If you say, «I haven’t eaten in two days» is not only nothing will convince the person, but also scared him. People who haven’t eaten for two days is strange for most people, so you will begin to look with suspicion. If you say day or in the afternoon that I did not have Breakfast, it will help to initiate any lady or housewife.

7. Necessities: clothes, cigarettes, etc.

Well, people will never refuse you if you ask for a cigarette, and very often they’ll give you even three or five cigarettes. About beer and any other alcoholic beverages, new friends often offer you a drink, especially if you have a story to tell and you saw a lot. Also the bartenders are closer to closing become more friendly. Clothing to get much more complicated. Better to go to some second-hand clothes or goods and to act according to circumstances. Or to pay attention to the clothing that is next to the bins: often throw away usable things.

8. Don’t sleep in prisons and shelters

There are plenty of alternatives: a tent, for example, a car trucker who drove you hitchhiking, and at worst you can ask for the night in a village: if not in the house, at least in the hayloft, there is a very warm and soft. If you refuse to bed, ask at least Newspapers, go to the nearest woods, build a bonfire, wait until it burns out, scattered ash beds in there newspaper — there’s your bed. This bed will stay warm all night. Hide Newspapers and jacket.

People remember not what you owned, and what I went through. I figured it out when he wandered. In a year you won’t remember what you were so pleased with the new phone and computer: they will still be not so fair, not so cool, you will cease to enjoy them. Memories of travel, especially those traveling without hotels and airplanes, will remain in your memory for a long time. About them you tell and new friends, and old friends, and the children and grandchildren, and each time the story will not become worse.

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