Vacation home: what to do

things to do on vacationHere come the long-awaited new year, I, man, congratulate you! Ahead of a significant holiday, and that prospect warms the heart in winter. And here you ate Olivier salad, drank champagne, sit at home and think, and what I would spend a week of spare time? Just don’t waste it, dude! Spend time with benefits. What to do this holiday week?

Pass computer game

So it was that I began the text with the topic, which I am an absolute noob. In my life I went through so many games… They can count on the fingers of one hand. However, I have received from them a real pleasure! I remember that once, in school days, I spent all winter break to get a favorite game from that time — «Heroes of might and magic 3». It was a delight! If you are firmly determined zadrotstvovat the house and nose into the street to prove (it’s cold!), prepare a strategic stock of chips and a quick line (when the chips will start to hurt your stomach, you will remember my words) — and more!

To read one book fully

I think in a week will not work? Still at work! Don’t underestimate yourself. Before you a living example of how people can quickly read: once I read a novel. And not some empty detective, «Collector» Fowles. It was during winter session, approaching the exam in foreign literature, and It was an unread. The day before the exam, I pressed her ass to the sofa and began to read. Then I went to bed. Then sat down again. Then read in the kitchen. In short, all day I read. And it read! You exploits no need, however, to read one book from cover to cover for vacation time is something to cherish.

View the filmography of a Director or actor

Don’t go on about the telly every new year holidays, forcing you to «the Lord of the rings.» Who has not seen Lord of the rings? Or lazy, or one who is in the fantasy genre bad — there are such. Instead, think of an alternative program. Always lost a Director? I want to fill the gap? Interested in how changing specific actor throughout his career? It’s time to satisfy curiosity and to fill this hole in your field of vision. I did that with several Directors, pleased with the result.

To sort things

Know that hides your Desk? I am sure that your knowledge of the contents of your dress wardrobe? Don’t worry that the mezzanine is about to fall on you under its own weight? Don’t be so sure of himself. Practice shows that every house is crawling with junk manifold. Old notebooks, books, clothes, knick-knacks of all kinds, the press, videotapes, audio tapes and discs, broken camera Soviet times, ski poles on the balcony — are you the owner of a huge pile of things you don’t need. Vacation long, you will tire of lazing around in the mysterious light of the Christmas tree lights. Not to bothered on every single section of the apartment or piece of furniture you can select a single day. Two hours of excavation — and free! Grab the deal and save their homes from the remains last year. He’s already gone!

Tidy correspondence

I’m more than sure that you have friends and family that you haven’t been in touch. Someone according to tradition, moved to St. Petersburg, some in Goa, Granny with ancient time, living in the village, and a classmate for a year in Germany. And you’re wondering how they’re doing. At least a little. Well, curiosity to satisfy and then discuss it with a friend. So? Anyway, it’s human to communicate. Before you were justified by the fact that you have no time, you’re busy, you have a lot on your plate — and now what you have a mouth when a week you tylenil on the bed? March for computer, as well, to scribble a letter.

View photos

This advice is only for those who still have not left the parental nest. Classes are sentimental, tearful, but painfully pleasant. In every house there is a special place where the pictures. There are pictures of young moms and dads, which you still the project was not», there are pictures where they are still children: mom collected on her knees and the tights with the bows sticking out, and dad of youthful mustache and physical form — and that’s not all. There you can find photos of grandparents, me as a newborn, Polaroid pictures funny format where you on the exhibition of wax figures or in the zoo. There were pictures of your childhood school, you to background Wallpaper on which hung posters The Prodigy and Scooter, you’re eating cake for some birthday, but the end of the album and the beginning of the digital era. If you like nostalgia go for it.

To revive old Board games

On Christmas vacation, all always at home, but also from time to time, look in front of you is a fertile ground for long-forgotten entertainment. Our first item Lotto! When was the last time you played bingo? This is a very fun event, especially when the guy getting the kegs out of the bag, knows all the right jokes. The next item card. My family game «Thousand», it is played as a Threesome. It’s for those evenings when you will have guests. Will. In short, when there are three people who don’t mind. Another great «Believe — not believe» and fools of all stripes. Mirror all especially fun. What do you all with these fashionable nastolki, old, charming in its simplicity!


This item is by default attached to any other that you choose. To sleep in on vacation — a Holy cause. Urge you there’s no way to interfere. Do not lie down every day at three in the morning watching TV. This will prevent you how to relax. Don’t wear yourself out endless and also unproductive sitting in social networks. Sleep abundantly and enjoy! Next time this feature appears, you have only the may and still have a good six months.

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