Uzhratsya in a hundred: part 2

A continuation of the treatise on drunkenness are available. Drinks extreme, and the consequences harder. The main thing to understand that we do not do is drinking, we try to help our bro in the most important question: to drink or not to drink.

«Who drank – left, who drinks will go, but unless he is immortal, who does not drink?»

Rasul Gamzatov


manygoodtips.com_19.04.2015_7tGVEzIzcuwe4When poverty was grabbed by the scruff of the neck, and alcoholic desire is growing day by day soon dawn, and there’s no booze when the soul hurts the heart cries, and you feel that it is time to heal, the legs themselves carry you to the pharmacy. With an imploring look, you turn to strict chemist with the words: «Give some medicine from the heart, just cheap». Assessing your unshaven beard and sad, a pharmacist is transformed into a magical fairy, who with a haughty glance puts in front of you a magic bottle, popularly referred to as «venturecam». 100 ml happiness, alcoholic happiness. Because only the old-timers of the pharmacies remember those days, when the tincture of hawthorn is sold as a drug.

Now she serves as an idol to be worshipped of all, who does not regret his big hairy liver. 30 rubles of joy. Manufacturers have long realized this, and now rare, the infusion has medicinal properties. Increasingly, it is the basic 70-degree alcohol, which brings laughter and joy to those who yesterday could be called a man. So the vials as evidence for the filled products of the stomach the scenes.

If you’re down to regular use «heart elixir», then you’re lost. If you just want to try to have something to remember, be careful and listen to advice. In General, a real the infusion can be do it yourself, Bay, hawthorn berries alcohol and letting them steep. But when you do…

How much can you drink: it All depends on how you tolerate 75% of the slurry. Only a true drunken all known science alcohol drunk, maybe on the spot, drink a vial of «life-giving water» with no food. You also might want to breed. I bet you one bottle is more than enough. Why? And you try to try at least 20-25 drops that are prescribed by the doctors. So you can safely justify the use of a hell of water for the prevention of treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Taste: they Say that the taste of the hawthorn is comparable to the taste of the end of the world. Apocalyptic feelings overtake your mouth, destroying guts mucosa of the oral cavity and hope that you will become a normal person. However, if you dilute it, then drink as dilute alcohol, with a playful smack, have nothing to do with the fruits of hawthorn.

How to drink: Gulp, focusing his eyes closed, disabling consciousness. Straight from the bottle. You can, of course, to become esthete and diluted in faceted glass solution, more or less usable. Better to drink in company, because the single use of «boyars» is ignored even the most recent alcoholics. So you have to take as much as two or even three bottles.

In General, according to tradition, it is necessary to wash the stomach, «heart balm» in the fresh air, but away from prying eyes, in a small company. However, it is likely to remain forever lie under the canopy of trees, and therefore a better drink at home, culturally, with the same crazy as you.

What to eat: do You really think you need a snack? This is the same medication, and they do not drink. But seriously, you’re going to snack. Most importantly, time to zanyuhanny sleeve or hairline friend.

Many aesthetes marginal alcoholism prefer to drink a tasteless liquid «sweet water, that, 20 rubles», because to kill the burning aftertaste of that stuff can only finish other things. Such water is known to not drink. But trust me, after the «boyars» your digestive system won’t care. She falls, like a sad drunk teen my yard, and would lie in a puddle of its former greatness.

What’s the advantage: Cheaper way to go Walgalu had not yet been invented. Only 30-35 roubles, and coveted bottle in your hands. Pharmacies will not ask the passport and prescription, so feel free to buy Hematogen, hawthorn and activated carbon with citramon. The last two in case you still Wake up in the morning.

Minus: Overdose of the tincture may cause bradycardia and decrease in blood pressure, which is fraught with consequences. However, it is only in the case that use of such dishes in the habit. And bomb strikes on the liver, severe hangover and the probability of poisoning because not all manufacturers are equally good, and not all of the «hawthorns» is equally useful. Well, maybe the most important – low volume and fragile containers.

«The first Cup we drink to quench your thirst, the second for entertainment, the third for pleasure, the fourth for madness.

Lucius Apuleius

Winter hunting

manygoodtips.com_19.04.2015_565lcbgc0fzxy«Ruining people not beer, water destroys people», – reads the text of the legendary song. However, this beer can kill, kill and fill you with his pseudomallei shaft. This beer was a tyrant, all the «floor». Some call it a «bullet», because, despite its small size (just a jar of 0.33), it can kill an elephant, but is powerless against a war veteran with alcohol. He cans he can drink at least 3, but no more. The coefficient of lethality is comparable to vodka, the impressions similar to impressions from the use of «brothers» in the shop: «Baltika 9» and «Hunting strong», and taste like a quality brush.

Unfortunately, «winter» has become hostage to the brand. If we see on the shelves of local beer a fortress more than 5 turns, so it’s effective and cheap elixir for a speedy dispatch to Kingdom come. In fact, if the company «Heineken» spilled beer from cans in a beautiful dark bottle and raised the price to 70 rubles, the stereotypical snobs scored on gives sportages taste but a beer would rival the famous «Amsterdam Navigator». However, now many people avoid these little killer cans. On the one side is right and the other does not. In any case, it’s much tastier than his older brothers – «nine» and «hunting strong», although more expensive.

How much you can drink: usually one can of feet quietly dance and mood increases. What we actually love beer, so it’s traditional mood elevation. Do not hurry up, in this small jar is hidden all the dark essence of Russian alcoholism: the suddenness and effectiveness. It will affect your body, make the movement smooth, cotton brain, and life is much brighter. If you’re time-tested and ethyl fighter, you can take a second. «Hunting», she’s like a wild Mustang that will give yourself to ride only if they feel respected and mighty power. It is better to drink the one who knows a lot about alcohol, who knows more than one recipe from a hangover. It should not be underestimated, otherwise it will play with you a malicious joke. Pontus, do not take more than two jars.

Taste: Aroma of dried fruit and alcohol that caresses the nostrils, giving a full picture of his power. Taste is thick, buttery, sweet. In the finish oiliness, dried fruit and something to paint that is reminiscent of varnish. Alcohol, of course, felt, but not as bad ruff. Rather, noble ruff, with quality beer for 200 rubles and vodka not less than «absolute.» Well, at this strength it is quite appropriate.

If this beer is considered as the legendary Bavarian double side, it is indirect. Drink heavily. The taste is a heavy. Well, the producers took pity on the population and produced the elixir in the banks of 0.33, instead of 1.5 litre plastic bombs. Otherwise, the temptation was victory for common sense. Although the consumer of the drink may not understand such an elegant format in the future we will see some «bigsis» to 0.5 or 0.7 to surely leave no doubt about his power.

How to drink it: Slowly, in small SIPS, savoring each step, one looking at the gloomy April sky, with a friend, Recalling past exploits and abusing the policy. In fact, «winter» is not a choice obrigado the yard, is the choice of connoisseurs, students and professionals. Obryan take more than cheap and voluminous «nine» or «strong». Connoisseur and buy a jar.

What to eat: the idea is that this beer needs to eat hearty meat cuts, to ripping off the head hop progress hasn’t turned you into an animal before their time. But do not forget that in the first place is «Hunting», but hunting is not a sin to have a snack, and herring with onions and tarnocai dried, and greasy chips. The real aesthetes who want to meet the hunter depicted on the Bank, and have a direct dialogue, drink, eating, savoring every mouthful. In the end, after agonizing last drops hunter begins to wink, and the second Bank, all hunting eloquence tells how went to elk.

What is plus: of Course, the effectiveness of the drink. It is not drink a lot, and on the morning of Pisani will not give fusel oils. Besides, it is quite tasty and inexpensive. And, choosing the «hunt the winter», you choose the uniqueness of Russian alkoprom. Drinks such as it is, no more and unlikely.

Minus: Acute alcohol withdrawal syndrome, which occurs in the morning. Especially if you woke up inside the funnyman broke out and polished drunk «dose of joy» – in other alcoholic excesses. The hangover from «winter» – it’s like a lottery: you never know what will happen to you. However, there is another «dark side»: you never get rid of the idea that drinking to «hunt», and this thought will eat you alive.

«Alcohol is arguably one of the greatest things on Earth, and we get along well. It is destructive for most people, but not for me. Everything that I create, I do while drunk. Even with women. You know, I always was restrained during sex, and alcohol made me more free, free sexually. It’s a relief because I, in General, rather timid and withdrawn, and alcohol allows me to be a sort of hero, widely walking through time and space, doing all these heroic deeds… So I love it… Yes!»

Charles Bukowski


By.kom.ua_19.04.2015_VY80Y1Vz7BVNHOn may 1 of this year, Moscow will be plunged into deep mourning. Parades of workers will turn into a funeral procession, and endless picnics – memorial. In the Wake of the youth and audacity and greatness. Die 1/10 and has not returned to 2007. It’s very simple: ban the sale of albanerpeton. However, to help the capital come the regions where «Ajca» remains a symbol of domestic well-being. In fact, a lot of them, and taste the range varies from coffee Black Russian to fruit champagne «Amor Amor». There is no limit to human imagination, there is no shame technologists, spawned such monsters as «Absintin» and «Strike». However, the Queen drinking such perversions as before is «Aika». «Aika» will live forever. To paraphrase Letov, you get: «Aika» lived «ajca» live «aika» will to live».

For many «Jaguar» and the like – is like first sex. Just a first acquaintance with alcohol-containing substance is through the «AGCO». It’s like first love: you’ll be laughing to remember how drinking it in the alley with the boys and enjoyed her dubious charms, as feel adults. But you will never forget it. Is the youth to which you will sooner or later return, at least for a moment, eagerly opening the Bank «Trophy Mojito» and pouring its contents into his insides. You tell yourself that worse shit is not drinking, but it will be too late. You will remember the emotions that will never touch vodka or beer. Emotions «the first time», opening for itself something sacred.

How much can you drink: So much want! Just remember: 150 mg caffeine per can carbon dioxide and various flavors will kill you. In some «cocktails» relatively high degree is not felt. So becoming a «Bergman», a man-bird, feels nothing but the thrill of flight, go unnoticed.

Taste: Very tasty. Some felt tart nasty taste spirtyagi, and some not at all. Everyone has their own unique. But, as a rule, sweet, pleasant, allows you to drink the divine liquor decaliters. Ladies especially appreciate the «sweet pleasant taste» of these elixirs, from which there is an Association that this man was wrong to drink these drinks, they say, «Express «AGCO» students and ladies». But that doesn’t stop dudes who sometimes want to drink something tasty». Finally, it is convenient and relatively inexpensive way to make yourself happy.

How to drink: With the beautiful Schoolgirls on brudershaft hoping to regain the notorious 2007, in the alley or on the nice list. Some drink cocktails in the hope of quickly getting drunk. Then it would be better to lock myself in my room, so no one would know than you spoil your liver.

What to eat Anything you that! It’s also delicious! Take in your mouth, feel the rich taste of food additives.

What is a plus: Taste, color, memories and guaranteed intoxication from the unbearable lightness of drinking. All know that the lighter the drink, the faster flies the helicopter.

Minus: the Combination of stimulants with alcohol has a bad effect on the work and condition of the heart and Central nervous system, as well as rumors about the impact on potency. The chemical composition of the Yagi provides the pancreatitis, gastritis, stomach ulcers, liver disease and cancer. Also there are cases of overdose of such drinks. On the other hand, they are well affect the gene pool of humanity, destroying superfluous. However, this can be attributed to the pluses.

«No wonder I drink wine on the slope of the day, deserved his deaf power; wine takes me deep into me, where I sober not to get».

Igor Guberman


manygoodtips.com_19.04.2015_uV8qIvtzbFDKyRuff is a classic. It’s like «scrambled eggs with everything that was in the fridge.» Stack of alcohol or vodka, usually finds in their bins each. But drinking pure alcohol is sad and not interesting, especially if it remained what is called «on the bottom». So here comes the legend, known since ancient times and made me happier than one generation.

How much can you drink: Yes, plenty! It all depends on the cocktail recipe. If a glass of beer – one glass, a couple of cocktails can easily go inside. And the higher the addition of vodka, the more deadly it becomes the nectar.

Taste: All depends on many different, time-tested recipes. Very tasty fish with a good lager and delicious Jagermeister. Then, the beer has a really rich flavor of cherries and deer blood. Especially pleases aesthetes such a miracle, like the ruff on the basis of the dark beer, which he sang himself. G.: «Good hermit, whiskey with Guinness disturbing, he trudges among the snow, softly singing songs». The main thing is not to regret money for a good dark beer. If lying around the whiskey, then add, but the consequences do not trust. Dark beer gives you a charming, mellow taste that was impossible to resist.

How to drink: In the company of good friends, beer glasses, not the usual tea cups. Pour beer, pour the vodka, don’t spill a drop spilled, every last drop in the throat. If death must come mgnovenie, we suggest to use «Click»: a method similar to the «tequila, straight shot boom!» only used beer to vodka. And so all the same. Mix, hold the Cup with your palm, agitated and scale hit the bottom of a glass on the knee – formed swirling swipes instantly poured inside. Speaking of tequila. If she’s still there, I recommend the cocktail «death of a Mexican,» in which vodka replaces cactus extract, however, their consequences are much more dire. Many recipes, however, the main recipe for a boilermaker – a good mood and favorable disposition of the spirit.

What is a plus: Delicious, nutritious and fun. The old, time-tested recipe, with old-fashioned training. For those who understand. Feel like an alchemist when you mix treasured balm. Besides, relatively accessible. You can use the most cheap beer and vodka is not tasty, but effective. Just don’t take «nine».

Minus: Well, you know what happens when interfere? The brain goes to the left, torso to the right. Wild headaches in the morning and a terrible desire to nip. Ruff, like an inexperienced schoolgirl, entirely rests on you, on your experience and common sense. If you don’t know what proportions work for you, not to show off. Although much vodka in the ruff blouse, still have to add.

Oh, and most importantly, for a good, tasty ruff need a good drink. God bless him with beer. But if the house is not good spirits, at the peak of the intoxication will come to you uncle Bob and the squirrel Lisa, who will scoff at your swollen mind.

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