Uspey make it to thirty

In 30 years, people usually are starting to look back in their past, take stock and look for something that they made a mistake, that can’t be undone. This is probably the first serious age crisis in a person’s life. The crisis of thirty years, when you begin to realize that a lot of his time wasted, and lived to be quite in vain. If judged by their peers, who were able to build themselves, it becomes very sad. However, almost every 30-year-old dude found this. We made a list of things that are guaranteed to help you to enter this age with my head held high.

1. Acceptance of oneself

Sounds corny, but your first conscious twenty years is better spend on the process of self-discovery. To thirty you had a clear idea of what you’re doing, whom I love and who is. If you manage to understand yourself, this will save you from many bad decisions in life. Besides, it is necessary to understand their weaknesses, weaknesses that are not insured by any one person in our time. There are no perfect people, and the eternal struggle with oneself to anything good will not.

2. Killing the inner critic

Really need it, but in reasonable quantities. Now we are faced with the fact that many dudes inside of a clock mechanism that keeps people from any opportunity. If your inner critic interfere with your life, it’s time to get rid of it. How to do it? More positive thoughts and vanity, of self-confidence.

3. Healthy habits for stress relief

Stress will haunt you everywhere. And it should not be taken with alcohol or wheels. Successful the battle will have a much more significant meaning when you turn tridtsatnik. All the mechanisms of survival that are needed in each city dude, not to be killed from some bullshit. For this reason, find some ways to manage your mood, which will not harm your health: sport, communication, etc. Sooner or later you’ll need it.

4. Understanding healthy relationships

At the beginning of your adult way you will come across crowds of crazy women, Yes, and you’re going to do a lot of stupid things. But sooner or later have to wise up and finally understand what a healthy relationship and what a relationship that is killing you, destroying your personality. If you have managed to surround myself with people who inspire and delight you, make you get better, you’re doing it right. Develop a strong connection with friends, surround yourself with people who will be able to help you, when the time comes.

5. Loneliness is good!

To endure must be not only noisy and cheerful company, but also himself. My loneliness must not only accept but also to appreciate, because it’s a rare time when you’re alone with your thoughts when you can be yourself. The most brilliant thoughts or insights come in moments of solitude, which is not subdued by any foreign background like music, TV. The silence is beautiful.

6. Find your dream job

Don’t believe people who say that there is no work which brings pleasure. It’s all nonsense. Though remember that beloved work – still work. To find such work possible and even necessary, until you were three tens. Your life will be much easier and happier if you stop chasing where you better pay, and start thinking about where you want to work. What do you really want to do in life? The answer to this question today, in order to avoid any regrets.

7. On its stand!

We touched on this topic in some materials, but not superfluous to repeat it. We, unfortunately, not much time allotted on this planet, so we listened and followed the orders of the other dudes who, in your opinion, are deeply flawed. If it is a matter of self respect, then learn to say a firm no. To be true to their own values and ideas, despite the fear, which everywhere surrounds us, is a very important human trait, which has taken place.

8. Financial literacy

Household, but a very important quality for any person. Being under the wing of parents, you would hardly know the true value of money. When did you get your first job, we think, too, does not worry about it. But at thirty you begin to realize that the best age to invest was before. And if you start to think about their financial future now, not tomorrow, eventually you will realize how well spent your time. However, money is not the most important landmark in this world.

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