User fees in the road for lazy people


Dude, it’s a classic of the genre: already three in the morning, you’re sitting in the middle of the bar, a drunken wreck, you are disgusted by a truly inconceivable amount of meat that you’re stuffed, and you and your friends decide in three hours to break this weekend because spontaneous travel is the best travel.

You just about have to pack a backpack to travel with him a shitload of miles and then back, and all the stuff that you bring, you should be enough for this time. Need to come together and make a rational decision. We already told you how to pack suitcase for travel — but I agree, this isn’t the case?

The notorious suitcase you have may not even be at hand: his need to dig on the balcony of deposits under the three-liter cans and random tools. Grab what you can lay hands on, be it a backpack, a trash bag or cardboard box — do not have long to think and write tweet on this subject: grab and put everything that you need.

Remember: you have only three hours, have even less, and then you either fall asleep, or to go on a trip, so time for you is crucial. Do not be distracted by a movie on the Internet with a ton of interesting information, do not give in to the temptation to hang out with the cat. Remember our items and do everything as written. If you do it right, it will take you only a few minutes.

1. Anything to get away from these idiots

We are sure, dude, you made the right choice and left behind those guys, which we told you about. But even if there are no representatives of any of the five types of the world’s worst travel early to rejoice: this is not to say that nobody will get. First you will be very interesting and cool, and you absolutely won’t hurt, like someone’s chewing gum, somebody always translates the conversation to religious topics, someone says for the umpteenth time how he liked some stupid movie. Three hours later you vomit on them — I guarantee it. You can rent anything: a flask of booze, sleeping pills, player or book — you will definitely need something to distract you from these idiots. At least for a while.

2. Necessary items of personal hygiene

All the dudes have different ideas about hygiene. Who are hygiene freak, and he must have portable bidet, hair trimmer nose and God knows what, because he’s so awesome, all the holes should be beautiful to look at, smell and taste. And someone enough just packing wet wipes. Get you what you need. In addition, don’t forget to think a head. For example, sunscreen is relevant if you have a beach holiday, but if you are camping in the woods, then why the hell do you give up?

3. Multi-functional pieces

Places are always small, so think about what things you can use in various ways. For example, you can wear socks for warmth, they can shovel the rocks and fend off the enemy, or even you can use your obsolete a century sock to wipe after sex. And so really with many things. For example, take the pants with detachable legs — may as well use them as shorts. Remember that most multi-subject — money.

4. Things in case of emergency

Many bro have something to do with the help of which they can get money without working. For example, someone plays poker (oops, that’s illegal now, right?). Someone just cut the fool like a curse — bring a deck of cards, without asking. Someone how God plays dominoes. Can someone on a dare to spit a cherry pit ten meters. In General, even if you don’t put in your backpack (or what have you?), think about how you can get the money, if some clever dude will steal all your cash.

In five minutes you’ll be ready to go, and you have will stay more than two hours. You’ll feel like the most productive guy in the world. Well pogonici themselves, have the right!

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