Useful floor


Dude, Paul is obliged to bring at least some benefit, and he lies… just takes useful space, and this is bad, I agree!

Where people often move? Correctly, discos all. Why the energy of the dance cannot be translated into something more useful, for example, into electrical energy? Smart guys from Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, has managed to «give birth» to light wonderful creation… the music is a dance floor that produces electricity.

The idea is simple, as all original. Under the floor are a kind of square segments (the size of the site — 75x75x20 cm), which is a small Dynamo, which generates energy when you press them with your foot. And you know how some people move to the rhythms of disco! Cell phone sure to charge enough!

To stimulate the willingness of the dancers to dance and produce more electricity floor has a cool light-light that changes colors when you come to it. We think this is a great idea.

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