US 1942 Leatherneck Series — knives from history


Cool join the story. Of course, this is the story of another country, but why not join, at the end of it all? US 1942 Leatherneck Series is, of course, not real knives, but very skillful copies of the knives, which were equipped with the marine corps of the United States during world war II. Knives have special anti-glare coating black anodized coating, and blade are made of stainless steel. The knives are of two kinds: in the form of a dagger and in the form of Bowie (it’s long, as if cut blade). The handle is a strip of leather, very tightly wound on the handle. Pretty convenient if you think about it. The kit also includes a carrying case made of nylon.

Length of knife blade Bowie 12 1/2″ overall length, 7 1/4″ blade. Length of dagger: 13″ overall length, 8″ blade.

Knives are sold in sets and individually. The price of the Bowie knife — $ 24. The price of the dagger — 20. Set price — 30 bucks.


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