«Ural»: the legend

There is in Sverdlovsk region a small town with a charming name Irbit. And it seems that it is much better know in the United States than at home. And why? Because in this harsh Urals city of make less severe the motorcycles. What thoughts arise in the mind at the mention of the eponymous motorcycle? Rickety wooden garage in a remote farm, and black, like hell’s chariot, a huge and heavy bike. The dream of the farmers of the sample in 1960. On the approach of the owner of «Ural» could be heard a mile away thanks to the roar of the motor, resembling the clatter of a thousand chainsaws. It was famous for its practicality and for the stroller, which used to love kids and not very fond of adults. But that was before, now the «Ural» – it’s incredibly stylish and trendy brand of motorcycle for everyday use.

It all began in 1941. Took the German BMW R-71, in service of the Wehrmacht. After the war, the motorcycle became a practical means of transportation for the national economy. But in the 90s the plant was in peak, like other industrial enterprises of the country: the territory was full of finished products, demand was not, there was no money, who could – fled, and the company was hanging on the verge of bankruptcy. Mass motorcycle was not needed, especially that our country, despite all the antics of the «Night wolves», not a biker – not the climate. Early motorcycles were purchased only because of the lack of choice and money on car.

Factory workers constantly criticized, digging, and nobody cared until the former glory of the motorcycle. But «Ural» is a technique for Victory.

In 2000, after another bankruptcy and stop the company was a major investor. And then began a new history: the plant shift from quantitative indicators to qualitative. Before it was the enterprise of a full cycle, now is actually an Assembly plant. From 10 thousand workers left one hundred and fifty, instead of Assembly line – manual Assembly, instead of focusing on utility – game on nostalgic strings.

Today «Ural» – the world’s only manufacturer of motorcycles with sidecars. Bikes other brands can be equipped with purchase a stroller, but the design of irbitskiy apparatus originally adapted for the drive with a cradle. As for Russia, we in principle have no other metproizvodstva.

The new owners continued to upgrade the «Ural». They also wanted the Russian motorcycles could compete with the us. And in order for the unit became available to everyone competitive, you need to pay attention to detail. Outside of the «Ural» has remained the same, but inside everything changed. 60% of its value form the imported components, the domestic left, in fact, only metal.

In 2010, IMZ produced 800 motorcycles, most of them with strollers. Almost all of them went for export to USA, EU, Canada, Australia and Japan.

Motorcycles put on pre-order – have to wait 45 to 90 days.In 2011, the U.S. media published photos of brad pitt, who went for groceries on a motorcycle with a sidecar, where he sat his three year old blond son. Brad pitt was piloting the Ural.

Sale of Russian motorcycles in the year increased by 39%, and for distribution connected 22 dealer. «Ural» came from Ewan McGregor (later he would buy another Ural model Gear-Up). Motorcycles are loved in Hollywood: in the film «Ghost rider – 2» Nicolas cage rides a Yamaha, and his opponent – on a «Ural Solo». The New York Times wrote a story about how the «dying era of Soviet industry and age of get-together of bikers in the United States found total happiness on American highways».

Of course, to the «Harley» – as a cancer to Paris. But in terms of sales in the United States «Ural» has overtaken famous brand Moto Guzzi and Aprilia. On the other hand, they cannot be compared. Ural is a motorcycle with the peace approach. It even has the passenger sits behind and from the side. One French motorcyclist was amazed how easy Uralets overcomes taiga roads, where he stalled his bike.

Our horse are treated like vintage models, but this is only for commercial plus. Maybe next years will primarily look at its characteristics.

Now «Ural» four main models: Gear-Up, Patrol 2WD, M70 ($16 000) and CT ($13 000). There is another Ural ST – «bike every day». However, in anticipation of the release of the seventh episode of «Star wars», the Urals have released a limited edition of 25 motorcycles under the name «Ural – Dark side of the force». The main feature of the model is able to make you think about buying anyone – it comes with a lightsaber. Toy, but still. And for that 300-pound miracle that develops a maximum of 112 km/h, asking $ 15,000 or more. Say, Obi-WAN (born McGregor) is already interested in.

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