Unwanted gifts that you get for the New year

gifts for the new yearGifts — a wonderful phenomenon. The man who came up with giving gifts, probably gone to heaven. He was kicked out, and then returned and adopted again because for such a cool little thing to put man in Paradise only once. Judge for yourself: a selfish greedy man gives something to another (not that he is tired; not what got him by accident — and the fact that he specially prepared for the person). This, in my opinion, perfectly. Another thing is how this idea was embodied in life.

For some reason every New year to me falls the avalanche is absolutely unnecessary and not relevant for the me stuff. Perhaps blame archetypal thinking or shovels quenching of the donors — it is difficult to understand. Today we will tell you about stupid Christmas gifts. Perhaps this post will keep you from having to buy someone a gift stupid crap.

1. The brainchild of textile industry

Socks, underwear, shirts, ties, some scarves (still don’t know what’s uglier — the word himself or worthless object). Such gifts usually give to ladies in old age: grandmothers, aunts, accidentally wandered into the house from among the distant relatives. For some reason they are sure that the shoes I wear without socks, and jeans on her naked body. How else to explain their fanatical purchase for me of all these things? Oh, wait, I know: «Cowards can never be in excess». So? Even these nasty Belarusian boxers to knee? Though no one aunt has no idea that the dude here 25, can wear size S. they All think that I have matured, even if not showing on first glance seems to be thin. Another option: I’m still a child and they buy me shit «on vyrost». I used to float that stuff to the homeless, and now I don’t feed and have no idea who else needs a family truststore unnecessary to me size.

2. Symbol of the year

I am sure that this time again will acquire at least two to hell, I don’t need items with a picture of the happy horse faces. Such garbage usually gets from the ladies from work (different ages) and for some reason the neighbors. Fridge magnets, key rings, tea towels — all this in abundance will appear at your house after the new year holiday. And always will be horses. When is the year of the snake, snakes everywhere. Perhaps I would have reacted to such gifts in the year of the cat, and he concurrently is the year of the rabbit, and I’m sure the law of meanness everywhere will sculpt not cute kotofei, and eared creatures. Although, on the other hand, maybe it’s good for another disadvantage of such Souvenirs — the extreme poverty of execution. For some reason all the cartoon animals get ugly, meaningless little effort they put zadolbali designers who are tired of every year to cater to the tastes of tasteless customers. It’s a shame, but in this situation, everyone suffers: and designers, and the poor recipients of the gift of stuff, and General aesthetic taste.

3. Gifts funny

Given the fact that you and the donor have different sense of humor. People decide that for the New year to have fun to the fullest and decide to promote in every way to that of others. «Cool» t-shirts with hilarious slogans «nice to meet you, king» mug with the same carbon labels (once I gave a coffee mug that says «I’m not sleeping, I slow blink», alluding to the fact that I have a lazy ass — just hilarious). In short, the people Hochma. Where then to put the fruits of all those jokes, I don’t know. In my life I had to get only one gift from among «cool», which made me laugh.

4. Pseudoceratina literature

Everyone knows that perfume is a very personal gift: without knowing the tastes of the person to guess is almost impossible. Why the people persistently forgets that literature is also a very personal thing. Graduate of Philology books give twice as often. And that’s his curse. When I was presented with «Norwegian wood» by Murakami, it was very sad. It is sad that people spend on something I don’t appreciate. But he tried to choose, with soul approached the issue, but just guessing. This book since then, gathering dust on the shelf. In Siberia. I would be gifting this if I had the conscience, but it was not enough.

5. Cosmetic sets

Shaving gel, shampoo, deodorant — and even different combinations of all this stuff. No, I do not regard this as a hint to «go take a shower». I do frequently wash, do not give people reason to accuse me of a lack of hygiene. Just… It can not please. One of the functions of a gift — delight (although some believe that the gift is just a tribute to tradition, when you out of politeness not looking to make any person pigou, to go away). Shower gel I can not be happy. If I rarely had to use it, I would have been happy. Or if it was from a cool shop and unusual groin (Yes, guys too can appreciate, not only young ladies). And some stuff from the supermarket — sorry, dear giver, and get a forced smile.

6. A gift made with your own hands

In recent years in our satiated society thrive Hobbies of all kinds. Every second — my own Mr. fix-it, who, in his opinion, is quite nice to work with his hands and provides all around with gifts of our own production. Listen to me, mankind! There are very few handy people! People with a hobby! A sober assessment of your abilities! Curves keychains made of plastic — how much re-released you my keys! Homemade soap! I don’t understand, you’re better than metamodeling! Homemade handmade chocolates! You are Jules! As they say, and laugh or cry.

7. Part of the holiday

The most tolerant and sweet of useless Christmas gifts. Candles, Christmas decorations and similar tinsel. Sorry, the age of these things short-lived, and the house is always have excess inventory of the holiday stuff. In all the bins have enough balls, pinecones, and icicles. Like, anything we add is not necessary, but if added, do not worry. Candles evening to stand on the Christmas table, and then travel or in the trash or in the closet to the kitchen to wait for that moment when the lights are out. In short, if there is no gift, it probably is.

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