Unusual Wave Cabinet

Unusual Wave Cabinet

manygoodtips.com_21.07.2015_g7YIZussZn203Too complicated. As there is now on the Internet say? Challenging the catch? Here, a very complex furniture.

There is a great Chilean visionary and original Sebastian Errazuriz. Too loves Mr. Errazuriz to do absolutely fantastic things. For example, the designer as much as 12 mistresses (well done, not argue), and each to his mistress he gave the gift of shoes, and not simple, but with a surprise. Simply put, moved on Shoe features of relations with each of the girls.

But this did not stop. Now Sebastian was presented to the public wardrobe, which in nerve can occur in an epileptic seizure and the final liquefaction of the brain.

The point is that you pulled the plate, it pulls the other blocks, resulting in an open Cabinet recalls not the Sydney Opera house, not the shell, you smashed the labia. Can be raised and the upper wall, the bottom, and can be both at once. Of course, this box was not created for storage, but in order to stand in the open and mow a masterpiece of modern art. Once assembled, it resembles a rather hastily put together a coffin.


It is possible, as shown in the video, stick to the middle of the vase. Can get over that and pretend to be the little Mermaid, which sits in a huge sea shell. But the great thing is to observe how the furniture transformirovalsya. Shimmer wooden blocks are hypnotic, and this is the only advantage of the miracle of the Cabinet. So let’s spend the next couple hours watching over and over again is a fascinating video, because otherwise it seems useless.

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