Unusual table inventory

Dude, decided to host a house party? Great idea! Only than you will be able to amaze your friends? We’re not talking about the superpowers and great food, with this and everything is clear. We’re talking about your table inventory. If Arsenal have any unusual, then we can give you some ideas.

1. Plate in the form of a monkey


Until then walked progress! Now you can have the likeness of the brain of the monkey head. A little creepy, but the original plate can definitely set the mood of your party. You even have the opportunity to arrange a theme party, if you have the time and desire to do her cooking. The dollar rose sharply, and now this dish can be bought for 2,500 rubles. Yes, these things are quite expensive.

2. Canister for drinks


Usual utensils for beverages already rather outdated. Now difficult to surprise someone with unusual glasses or decanters. But we know that the canister will be your friends. Original presentation of drinks – the key to a successful party. It is about 600 rubles.

3. A pizza cutter in the form of a large


If you have decided to provide pizza to the table, then it definitely will have something to cut. Still have to manage to cut a piece that has more filling. This will help you fancy a pizza cutter in the form of a Bicycle. This will cost approximately 1000 rubles.

4. Hot sauce keychain


Pizza is not saturated enough? You will be able to fix it with the sauce, which is always with you. Do not have to carry the whole pack of sauce, you can just grab the original key FOB. Just put it on your keys, and you can always add the taste of pizza. Key chain worth about 200 rubles.

5. Soy sauce spray


If the pizza you are already committed and who decided to order sushi, or worse – you decide to make them yourself from scrap vehicles, then you will not need additional vessels for soy sauce. You can just spray directly on the dish itself. It should be a sauce, about 300 rubles.

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