Unusual sandwiches every day

Unusual sandwiches every day

The long-established myth that sandwiches can’t be useful, because it is «fast» food. But the devil is in the details, so it all depends on what you put between the two (or four) slices of bread. We have selected a few nutritious and simple recipes that without a trace of irony can be called healthy food.

California triple club sandwich

And let’s start with the heavy artillery that will be able to satisfy the hunger of even the most voracious man. This sandwich has everything you need aging or younger the body: meat, bacon, avocado, cheese, bread and so on.


— 4 slices of bread for sandwiches (pre-fry them);

— 4 slices of any young cheese (white and soft, in original used mozzarella cheese)

— 4 slices of any semi-hard cheese (Russian will work, but if you have access to varieties of «Monterey Jack», then take it);

— 1 avocado (peel, cut lengthwise);

— 1-2 thinly sliced tomatoes;

— 6 slices of bacon;

— 150 grams of chicken or Turkey (just fry small pieces);

— 6 tablespoons pesto (buy in store or make it yourself).


1. Nothing complicated. Just put all the ingredients uniform layers — the sequence is not important.

2. When erect the tower, then flatten it by hand, or in mouth not fit.

3. Can you cut a sandwich into quarters, if you think too big.

Blueberry cheese sandwich

This sandwich is perfect for a morning Cup of coffee before work. Cook it just due to the fact that you can use almost any cheese you can find in your fridge.


— 2 pieces of bread for sandwiches;

lots of cheese (better to use young or semi-hard varieties — try one with goat cheese);

fresh spinach;

— 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar;

— 1-2 teaspoons of brown sugar;

— 1/2 Cup fresh or frozen blueberries;

— ground pepper.


1. In a small saucepan, combine sugar, blueberries and vinegar. Turn on medium heat and heat (boil for 5 minutes).

2. After boiling pour the mixture through a sieve. You need to separate the syrup from the solid berries. Berries can be a little overwhelming.

3. Syrup pour into a separate container — it can be used in cocktails, and berries to smear on the bread.

4. This is the sequence: berries, cheese, spinach, then cheese. Add a little pepper, and then close the sandwich with the second slice of bread.

5. Enjoy. If you want, you can toast the sandwich in the pan (to melt cheese).

Mediterranean sandwich

If you want to try something unusual, then you direct road on the Mediterranean coast, where the gastronomic culture has always been the trade relations between dozens of people.


— 4 slices of bread for sandwiches (take bran);

— a quarter Cup of hummus (I — cook according to instructions on the package);

— 3/4 Cup of feta cheese (crumble it);

1 small carrot (slice into wedges, not slices);

— 6 circles of fresh cucumber (cut each into two parts);

— 4 slices of tomato.


1. Put each piece of bread on a cutting Board. You need to evenly spread them with hummus.

2. Lay out the layers. On top of the hummus you need to put the feta cheese, followed by carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, a second piece of bread. Do that twice and shut your mouth-watering design is the last piece of bread.

3. Mediterranean cut the sandwich in half and enjoy the taste.

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