Unpleasant facts about Microsoft. Part 2

Porada.kom.ua_19.01.2015_Ki99Ymsfegf5w>Last week we tore the veils with a giant in the world of business and technology – Microsoft. The winners are not judged. Although, on the other hand, who are we to deny it?



Of all the companies accused of assisting the NSA and the betrayal of the privacy of its users, a well-known former CIA officer Edward Snowden was named Microsoft the most important offender in this respect. Reports showed that Microsoft helped the NSA to override security measures for Microsoft Outlook, enabling them to read hundreds of personal chats and email. Also, the Corporation allegedly allowed the national security Agency to watch thousands of personal Skype video chats (Microsoft bought Skype in 2011). Microsoft in response stubbornly continues to deny these claims, claiming that user privacy has always been a main concern of the company and that they always act within the law.



Besides political and religious themes, nothing causes people have such severe sweating and verbal diarrhea, as the sexual identity question. Microsoft does not like women, African-Americans, but pretty tolerant of gays. In 2005, the company formally documented policy of zero tolerance for discrimination, stating that «this policy will help to attract talented professionals, which are many among the LGBT community». This position has caused numerous scandals and controversy, especially from religious leaders who, at every opportunity remind the public that gates is the founder of the investment group «Cascade Investment», which acquired a stake in the largest gay magazine States – «Out».



Currently, China puts censored almost everything that has the slightest tinge of the objectionable policy. Their Internet limit is one of the best in the world and was nicknamed «the Great firewall». And some American companies are taking a direct part in this. To be fair, Microsoft is not the only Corporation that has helped China to cut off regular users from the world and from resources such as Google, Yahoo, and AOL. Microsoft, in particular, inhibits the release of certain search queries, or titles of blogs, where there are words to the acute political topics.



In the USA children decided to sit on the lap of an unfamiliar bearded man dressed in a Santa, and talk about their secret desires. In 2007 Microsoft decided that the creation of a virtual Santa where children can talk about, is a very good idea. And it probably would be a great idea, if the old man who was hired for the position, did not go from talking about gifts to give lectures about sex. For the first time this problem arose when Santa was talking to two girls aged 11 and 13 years, who asked him about the pizza. Instead of «bad» Santa started asking them about what they know about sex and making dirty innuendo. Microsoft quickly closed the shop, but the sediment remained.



Microsoft is constantly criticized for its labor policies. Despite the fact that Microsoft asserts that employees get the best of everything, the reports indicate that workers fucking overworked. Some of them say that the company has a very aggressive atmosphere, and many specialists are forced to resort to unfair competition and unfair competition more than cooperation, while completely ignoring corporate values.

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