Universal tips for training

Sometimes you don’t know what I want to advise dudes. Some want to lose weight, others want to gain weight, others want something to fucking stretch. Fitness goals the boys are very different, there’s nothing you can do about it, that’s life. Someone wants to become stronger, and someone — to lose weight! But today I’ve decided to gather a few important tips for guys who want to do them. Some of them relate to nutrition, some to the training process. It is just such things that you did not know, did not attach values to them, and had no idea who to ask.

1. You cannot burn fat strictly in a separate location

If you have a fat belly, do the exercises, but not to fat away from the stomach and to the muscles developed. Fat always goes with those parts where you’re swinging, but in General. Where he is most delayed and as he walks away from us, depends on the build.

2. Use spices instead of sauces

Sometimes it’s better nafig to fill your Chow curry than pour ketchup. The ketchup is so nasty that words can not convey. But do not forget that meals and spices will make you eat more than you want, it’s better to just unlearn harmful eating habits on their own.

3. Sequence — the path to success

Why I’m in this article saying that you need to follow a strict sequence of exercises, and not go to other trainers, when you need busy? Because the sequence — the path to success. Press is better to pump before exercise, in some rare cases after. Trainers leave for last. Footwork and free weights — on the first.

4. If you cook at least two or three days, it’s easier not to break

The most banal that I can advise you is to acquire the buckwheat and chicken breast. If desired, this diet can last quite a long time, and sometimes it seems delicious.

5. Try to convince yourself of the need to eat in a strange

Well, I didn’t know how to title this item. Its essence is in the self, about which I wrote a bit in the article about motivation. You need to convince yourself that food is not pleasure. In my last rocking sound track, in which a man in a sepulchral voice within two minutes saying: «unworthy to Eat!!! Enough to eat!» If you convince yourself that you need to eat to maintain strength and not to promote himself for something, or stress, or nothing to do, you will just. I almost convinced myself into it… Almost.

6. Also drinks high in calories

Especially coffee with different toppings. What to say about sweet water, tea and other nishtyaki? We always forget about the energy value of the drink or don’t want to remember her. Beer, coffee and tea with sugar and other additives, alcohol — they are all very high in calories.

7. Isotonic drinks, soft drinks enriched with L-carnitine, useless

It’s a placebo, that sweet water. Better to drink plain water and eat bananas.

8. The best time to exercise is one and the same time

Many guys argue, when is the best time to train, but most agree on one thing: you have to train regularly at the same time, then it will be more useful.

9. When you start to train, a lot of people from your environment will be against or react to exercises skeptical

Be prepared to not apply too much (I suffer from this)! To those who didn’t drink or smoke, and prefers the horizontal bar, are treated with suspicion. Relatives may cry out, «Rod’s going to kill you!», friends can say: «Do exercises, lacks the full!» What can you do: people are lazy and think that the sole reason for the rocking is to lose weight and to pump up the biceps, so if you’re not fat and you have something like muscles, most people are surprised when they find out what you want yourself some MORE.

10. Don’t worry there are fast carbs

There’s nothing worse than when a person is engaged in drying, without knowing it. Man does not eat candies, fruits and eat only coregrid and oatmeal, the results are there, but they’re not worth it! Once a week you can eat a piece of cake, and some hamburger. Glucose nourishes our brain, and that in small quantities it is useful.

11. Set ourselves concrete and realistic goals

1-2 pounds per week, decrease your body fat by a certain percentage, the transition from one rod weight to another… Instead of 10 pounds in a week, chest press with 20 to 100, and the like. The main thing competently to set goals!

12. Meal after training should have been full of proteins

The answer to the question, do I need to close carbohydrate window, depends on what you want to achieve. In any case, after a workout, it is advisable to take something a protein, I personally, after 40 minutes or an hour a protein bar or shake.

13. You should start with the most difficult exercises

Work with free weights and the like. Working with them is when you have the strength for another workout.

14. Doesn’t matter who is taller or stronger than you. This is not the Olympics

I have in the past the gym was a horrible man who did the bending of the arms at the bicep with 50 pounds in each hand simultaneously. In the weightlifting sections were dudes huge strength and growth that was much stronger than me, although I do not drysch. In the world there are always those who are stronger than you, faster and higher, you just need to be better than you were before.

15. There is no point, when you begin a healthy lifestyle, the key is to motivate yourself so that you do not throw

It would be better to start right now, not to postpone, but the most important is the right motivation and will power. And what is the right motivation? The article about motivation, I wrote that for everyone it.

16. The best time to workout — 45 minutes

Many guys spend on their training for two or three hours. This is not recommended. Not only that, there is a chance to develop the dysphoria of the body. After 45 minutes, fatigue sets in, the chance of getting more injuries, and hormones declare war against you. The longer your workout, the more negative side effects.

17. Most diets fail within the first 48 hours

If you can survive this time, chances to survive you’ll have more. Much more.

18. Isolated muscle exercises without a strong framework should be kept to a minimum

To start work on a comprehensive exercises, build quality muscle corset, which will protect your body from various things and reduce the risk of injury. After one and a half years of regular sessions, when you have a clear terrain, plug in the workout more isolated exercises. And better in two years!

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