Universal tips for those who decided to do something new

manygoodtips.com_16.10.2014_WLDkvOwgcSNDBYou’d think that it’s time to let into your life something new. It can be as new friends and a new job or hobby. So what are you waiting for? Drop with the shackles of procrastination and forward – to new tops!

1. Don’t wait for the perfect moment

Warning: he will never come. If you wait, when you’re ready for some very important and crucial step in your life, you’ll wait forever. And one more day. If you have the desire, if you have a burning idea, trust your instincts and intuition and through. Take just one step into the unknown – and the rest of the road will no longer seem such a terrible and risky. You’ll be surprised opportunities and new plot twists.

2. Get rid of excuses

«I’m too old», «I’m too weak», «I can’t», «no experience», «what if fail»… Man, how much more of this pessimistic phrase is in your vocabulary? Their a priori should not be! We never tire to remind you about it. A simple and banal truth is that you will never achieve anything worthwhile in this life, if you play it safe and not get out of their rotten swamp called «comfort zone».

3. Explore

If you decide to subscribe to a brand new enterprise for you, you have a powerful prop and support in the «face» of the Almighty Internet. Over a fairly short period of time with the right approach you can become a good expert, at least in theory, almost any interests you. Learn the history, analyze the present, prognozarea the future – tell your gray matter to work every hour, keep your brain in good shape, dive into their interests. Breathe them.

4. No need to «strive»

There are a lot of forever «seek» to who knows where and who knows what. It’s all just a crush or marking time. Be active.

5. Follow

Find people who are doing what you want to do, contact them in any way: from phone call to message in Facebook. Trust me, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how many of them will be happy to give you advice or share their experiences. Find out how they did it, in what ways have come to the fulfillment of your dreams, what are the main pitfalls await you what happened, and what is not. Analyze the information and do what they did. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Everything in this world has the essence and the cause. Get to the causes and begin to implement their plans.

6. Be prepared to fail

After all, you’ve never done this before! Do not ask yourself knowing the answers to all the questions. Be ready to crash the system, but have a backup and plan to retreat to quickly begin the storm of the difficult, but achievable goals.

7. Change the schedule

Procrastination and everyday life — best friends. And your brain has figured that out, how do you deftly to withdraw from the case because he knows when you Wake up, the distractions of home and work when you want to eat and what to expect in the evening. Take the laptop and go work in a cafe, if you ever did. Unplug the phone in the middle of the day and go from point A to point B by train, of all the things to having a notebook handy for ideas on where you can fill in large «plan Barbarossa». Talk about your new idea with those who you would never discuss it, like mom or Barber. To look at the problem from one angle of the tires, from different — introduces an element of novelty and reviving interest.

8. Keep — the «face» and sense of humor

Let’s say everything went wrong, and you’re emotions started breaking things and screaming like an enraged Hulk. Most then will be disgusted by such a girly-hysterical behavior. And if you’re very business-like and focused on the severity of the problem instead of treat it with a healthy dose of humor and irony, you just crossed a huge part of your life, which will then remember saying, «Yes, the problem really was that damn funny.»

Trust yourself, exhale and take a step forward. We’re with you, dude, and you really will succeed!

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