Universal methods of psychological assistance

manygoodtips.com_24.11.2016_0g2jxy6eepKfnNot so long ago the whole world celebrated the day someone in our country is not, and never was, the day of the psychologist. Social workers, who determine template questions — it’s still a little something. But we have for centuries been other good substitutes of couches and Freud, which now will be discussed.

Alcohol as best doctor

— The doctor, life has become a gray, monotonous, tasteless. In short, lost all meaning.

— Well, darling, I’ve got whiskey here, rum, tequila it is. With lime.

— Are you a Good psychologist, mental. I come to see you again.

— old joke on the last page of «Komsomolskaya Pravda» that so amused your dad —Joke as old as grandma under bed Bayan, but, hell, when we’re talking about psychological help, the first referring to the alcohol. How many times has he opened your eyes and gave courage in the most crucial moments? Countless. He helped you to overcome their fears and confess what you would never admit to sober.

On the other hand, the dose drinking stopped you from rash actions, since most are too lazy alcoholic at one point said, «Enough! What is the meaning to be humiliated, if you still fired?». So you understand that everything that happens — all the better, but there’s nothing like whiskey.

In the end, nothing relieves tension like alcohol. And the fact that the minor ugly face you look like a drunken max Payne, only adds confidence.

But be careful: alcohol is one of the bad company: first fun with him, and then he draws you into the abyss from which no psychiatrist can’t get out.As we have seen, alcohol can help to relive the unpleasant moments in life, but the more you turn to him for help, the less good. So you need secondary armament.

Peace PAL

manygoodtips.com_24.11.2016_dcyQf8V93jCXfApplication to alcohol. They can be your dad, grandfather, brother, brother girl, one uncle of a friend, former chief engineer pipe plant, tired of the life of a circus clown — no matter, it is important not the person, and the amount of alcohol consumed. The fact that alcohol brings, like a bucket of fertilizer makes to flourish all that is best in the character of your interlocutor. Alcohol makes a man so kind, that even the most inveterate egotist trying to show compassion and to help.

After all, how can you refuse to help your drinking buddy? Such people, flushed and drunk, more just trying to help. As they say, «what a sober mind, then drunk on language», so that the particles of drunken nonsense you can dig up and logical grain. Alcohol in such conversations is not a goal but a means to liberate themselves, so it is a sin to consider this alcoholism.Although don’t try — most often have to dig and search is not necessary, since everything you need is your drunken consciousness is the ears. You don’t need advice, you need ears with the mouth that you listen and Express sympathy. That’s all, and the soul of the appearance of beings, which you supported, has blossomed gardens. How great thump!

The people who gave birth to you

We too neglect the communication with parents, but in vain, because how could you not have avoided his nurse, she still knows what a person needs, which interrupted their father’s youth. Indeed, sometimes it is better to play the prodigal son, to repent and return to the fold. Not forever, for a time, but this time will be sufficient to your ancestors identified the problem and gave advice on how to get out of it. After all, they are not so old, stupid and biased as you might think. And the problem is yours, as if you’re worried about, trivial to disgust and not once was lived by the older generation.

Hard work

That replaced the older generation, to people from the past, trips to the psychiatrist? Why are they not fought the reflexive attacks, as Chekhov’s characters? Yes, because once the people, the ideology and upbringing instilled what is most important to humans is the fulfillment of work norms and building strong social units called family. Plan — the law, fulfillment — duty, overfulfillment — honour, so that all life must pass in the style of «arbeiten in Stakhanov».

The old people knew that work made from the APE man, and ideologues, in turn, ensured that hard work for the benefit of society weathered out of my head all sorts of nonsense and did not give a reason for depression. So deal with the case day and night, leaving no time for foolishness. The soul, as the poet said, «is obliged to work both day and night, day and night.»

Waste of money

manygoodtips.com_24.11.2016_8HNSTeaHOj2qgUnfortunately, to spend money, they need to get somewhere. But if they are still there, you can more than anything not to worry — consider that you were able to catch into the clutches of a pocket psychologist. However, they will only help if you’re not a cheapskate who thinks that money is good in one state — the state of peace, drawn up in beautiful colored wine glasses wrapped in rubber bands.

For others the mere presence of heavy bundles in fragrant pocket already is a kind of psychological help. Why are people going to buy? Because money is a symbol of power, and nothing cures mental illness as awareness of their own coolness. Maybe money is not important in life, but they sure can make a person happy. Because everything is funny to you and happy that you can buy for the money.

The pristine purity of untouched nature

Manfred tired, Manfred goes to the bosom of nature. Noise, bustle, puddles and mud roads have killed in him the thirst for the beautiful. Manfred is, after all, the real beauty, not spoiled by human production, carries with it forgotten behind a wall of technical progress vaccine for apathy. Simply put, go into nature, breathe some air, not a clogged exhaust. Still a squirrel farts wrong intoxicates the brain, as a pair with CHP.

Look at the fish in the pond, go and put bad blood in the fresh air. Understand that people for many years get out and not to get drunk under a pine tree and embarrass herbivore scent of their fellow man, roasted on the coals, and because the aspens, frozen ponds, and even the emerald lawns are the best therapists. No wonder they say that a person time needed to change the picture.

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