Unhappy people do not understand this


There are so many things that can not understand people that are odds with themselves. They are unhappy, but in his own way. We do not judge them, but if you’re really sad and lonely and you feel the touch of happiness, then you may be interested to know, what do you have to lose again. Correct my life, man, and you will have happiness!

1. To lend a helping hand to another

The most happy and successful people are often looking for ways to help others. Miserable and complete failure will ask themselves, «what’s in it for me?»

Finally, the biggest success in life will be measured by how high you climbed and how many good people have you helped any advice. To go over the bodies of people is the worst thing for the success, I agree! As you sow, so shall you reap. It is impossible not to feel good when you do good to others.

2. To risk her dignity and self-respect

Sometimes in order to get very much, I must give all that we have now. It is a risk! To live without risk is almost impossible. But to endure the difficulties of life with dignity is better, and that you still remain? Unhappy people do not know, and we ought to learn. If you have a huge Faile, it doesn’t mean you are inept prick and all is lost. If you put up with Faile for 9 times, then most likely, the way it is, but if it’s only the second, while there’s still hope.

3. To give a chance of imperfection

Perfection does not happen, because the technology, materials and techniques are constantly being improved, and the bracket rises very high. If you’re always looking for perfection, you’ll always be unhappy. If you stop to expect from people and situations of perfection and elegance of execution, you can start to appreciate them for what they are. Imperfection is important to learn from your mistakes and especially not to dig, demanding strange. The problem is that all humans are imperfect, and you, and me. But this does not mean that you need to stop, need to work.

4. Give a chance present

Endless excitement and thoughts on the problems are the enemies of your desire to live in the present moment. The search for happiness — sometimes the main cause of unhappiness. Enjoy life today and not live in anticipation of better days. Accept and appreciate things now, and you’ll find happiness in every moment in which you live.

If you feel emotional devastation at the moment, know that all this is temporary, it comes and goes. As well as are pleasant sensations. And now it will be with you as long as you live yourself.

5. To give a chance to your intuition

Happiness comes easier when you feel good, in harmony with themselves, without the need for hearsay. While you’re worried about what other people think about you, you belong to them.

Listen to what tells you your gut. I don’t believe in intuition and call it the «voice of common sense». In any case, if it is to learn to listen properly, he will not fail. After all, the blame will still be anyone, you don’t say that you said the little man in your head, and that he should be held responsible for your actions.

6. The opportunity to do the right thing when nobody is looking

Most of the good things you do will be noticed by others. It’s very frustrating, but the way it is. In any case, you know about their Commission? A lot of things, to which you had a hand in, will be completed by other people. It happens. But they do need just because they are the right things that someone will have to do.

It’s great when you get recognition for what you do, even when there is no possibility to receive recognition, it makes sense anyway to make efforts. Your business affect your opinion about yourself. More good things — more confidence in the fact that you’re cool. And this view is formed mainly when nobody’s looking. And all because of that often on your life and no one thinks to look. Maybe just a little, to laugh, to disagree and to poke a finger, and then lost interest, like cats.

7. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable

Often we keep our hearts and minds closed, not because we don’t trust our gut, we are afraid that we throw or let you down lads. The reason is that we do not trust themselves and are afraid that we are wrong and they won’t be able to survive the pain if they hurt us. Take any emotion — love, for example, or the grief of a lost family member, or fear, or pain of the deadly disease. If you refrain from emotion, you can’t afford to go all the way through them, feel and tough character. You just close your soul, and the bitterness dripping to the straw. Your positive emotions is also affected negatively, because you can’t feel their fullness.

8. Second chance

If you’re disappointed in the first time, it is unlikely you will be able to properly perceive the second. But if you’re in the shower is all the way through, the second attempt may even become enjoyable. It’s not a perfect world. We are not perfect people. Many of the living was not all and the third time, but they are not discouraged and did everything on.

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