Unhackneyed 5 ways to spend Valentine’s Day

Approaching the very date to which we belong in completely different ways. Someone believes that Valentine’s Day is not a holiday at all, but someone thinks it’s the best day of the year that should be noted is foaming at the mouth, spending all their savings. But we won’t go to extremes, we will not delve into the content of the celebration and just say that this day is also an occasion to spend time with his beloved, whoever she was. And we think that such things bring into a relationship is something new, because you need good to try to move away from the banal Valentine’s day cards and trips to restaurants (although it is sometimes cool). And we think that to suffer you don’t have to, but because some of our options will appeal not only to your friend, but you.

1. Balloon flight

Not to say very popular, but if you are rarely at a height of a thousand meters, it you capture. Remember the history of these aeronauts, a time when the balloon was still the means of transportation. But he was always exotic, due to the relative complexity management, however, now almost every city you can find the guy who conducts the flight on the ball. And here’s how you’ll get lucky: if your town is in remarkable surroundings (mountains, sea, waterfalls, plains), you will definitely enjoy. And a friend of course too. If we talk about the time, then there are flights and 3-5 hours. Also there are differences in height. Take the above, and then to rise to the level of 200 meters is not cool – won’t feel the beauty. However, there is an unpleasant nuance in all this ballooning: it is unlikely that you know how to fly a balloon, and so you will be the instructor, and retire with a friend to be problematic. But it’s still a great way.

2. A romantic photo shoot

The author of the photo: Yaroslav Melnyk

Are there any girls who don’t like to shoot themselves on camera and hours to choose from thousands of images the only one that can post it on any social network? You can call the love of photography with the plague of the XXI century if you are old and unhappy bastard, and you can call this thing a new round of relations between man and society, which brings together all people.

In our opinion, every modern couple needs to be a joint selection of professional photographs that could preserve the memory of the happy time spent together. And Valentine’s day is a very good time to do it. A great reason to give a certificate for a photo shoot scene. And she’ll fix your girlfriend’s feelings, will help to keep them alive. This, of course, useful to the photographer. But before you hire him, be sure to see a portfolio is important. You don’t want terrible pictures for a lot of money?

And if you found a good specialist, I know the shooting place: it may be the place where you first saw the friend or a first date, and maybe some forest glade, where it was an unforgettable evening? Every couple has such iconic locations, so check the mind Palace, always something Yes will find. Of course, the photographer will make a contribution and advise you. From experience we say that the images are always in Vogue, they always remember, and better than they performed, the better to revise them in the future. So you can order a love story for his beloved and ran to star. Friend will be surprised and pleased, and you’ll learn not to stand in the frame. And don’t think romantic photo shoot is something boring where you’re constantly standing next to a friend holding her hand, throwing her a few strange looks. Today it is a more fun way to spend time, where you come off with his paramour. The thrill, fun and no boredom!

3. Order of the poor musicians

Well, or the rich, but in our country to be a musician – it means to earn less than the average clerk in the office. But we on the other. Many people mistakenly believe that the order of the musicians on some spontaneous event (like going to café/restaurant) is expensive, but it’s not. Of course, many restaurants don’t mind do you a favor to get you more greenbacks to play some romance. Not worth it to go with them on a deal, man. Better go as follows: look in your city’s small-town bands that play something that is close to you and your friend; get in touch with them, arrange payment (some for free and ready, but better pay); pick a song, let them learn (and maybe is in the repertoire of); Oh, and invite in a certain time and place (do not be amiss to negotiate with the administration, most will not be against). In General, this is a rather unusual way to please your girlfriend. Importantly, found not brigands, and high-quality musicians. And better start thinking about acoustic sound: it is always easier.

4. In the mountains, in snow, on skis!

February 14 is still winter, and winter is the perfect time for skiing and snowboarding. So don’t be lazy and take the day off, grab a friend and go to the mountains. Of course, it all depends on your deployment. Can you live from the snowy peaks of thousands of kilometers, and can live two hours away. Most importantly, be more mobile. It is still possible to enjoy winter until the glaciers melted until the snow allows you to ride go for it.

Can go, for example, in Dombai – there’s now a nice, prices are reasonable, and there is all necessary infrastructure for leisure with a loved one.

5. Just to be alone

Surprised? And why not? The pace of life is such that with a friend time how to sleep so to eat. The rest of the time you’re busy with other things that do not require delay. At this time, February 14th falls on a Sunday, which already eases your life. To work did not seem necessary. So forget all your get-togethers with friends, fuck gym and think about how to please his girlfriend. So, do not have to leave home to do it. Just make something cool, choose a cool and interesting film, stand before her and clean up the house. Damn, and do what makes the perfect man, in the opinion of our ladies. One of this day you will not be worse, believe me. But the occasion will be remembered accurately.

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