Unfortunately, right now: did and immediately regretted!

manygoodtips.com_21.02.2014_EFJL30kDfEbDWEvery day we have to make decisions, good or bad, spontaneous or not, taken on their own or influenced by people or circumstances. In any case, after that your position and things change. The result of the decisions can be different: or decision taken is right or wrong, or not clear what will happen next, or you are just banal and regret the results. We want to talk about. About decisions that may lead to different results, but after them, you will always be awkward. Why is this happening, what the problem is and can I avoid it? Let’s try to answer.

1. The accusations against mother and quarrels with her

Let’s be completely honest: being a parent is hard. It’s not even the fact that it’s hard as trying to convince us of traditional morality, is to conceive and give birth to relatively simple. The fact that then is not what is shown in the joyful romantic movies. Unfortunately, many guys disagree and believe that «children are happiness.» But it is not even that. There are bad children, bad parents, who would not say, but all unhappy families are United by one thing: unless you’re a complete m*duck, any quarrel with the mother will leave in your soul a keen sense of guilt. Even if you know for sure that the mother was totally wrong. In some way the sacred role of the mother in our society often makes us very dependent on the opinions of the mother to do whatever she asks, even when we don’t want to do it. It is not necessary to offend the mother. Mom’s got their ideas about good, or desire to realize their ambitions, she wants you to became a lawyer, and you want to become an artist. And then you have to decide if I want to offend mother or to go their own way.

2. To stay

Tomorrow you get up early you’re having a good time with friends, eat tasty and nice to drink. The time passes quickly and as quietly passes the time when it is reachable by public transport. Now you can get there only by taxi, but there’s still a chance that you will be able to have a good time and get some sleep. You’re mentally counting how many hours of sleep you’ll get if you sit still for an hour, go home, undress and get into bed to bed. Eight hours seven hours six hours five hours. And here you have home when you have to get up in four hours. Do you feel the relative cheerfulness in your mind the alcohol, you go to bed, being sure that young body, the rest is not so necessary. And Wake up to work completely overwhelmed — your body won’t forgive you for a night of abuse. As sad as it sounds, very few people think about the consequences. They know about them, but they think that this time everything will be fine, it’s young to cope and stuff like that. Sometimes we think that a good time with friends is worth the pain of the hangover and approach of alcoholism. No, not worth it. It is not that we should refuse to meet with friends, to linger. Good gradually.

3. To talk about what yet, ahead of time

This exposes you to blow. Imagine that it doesn’t work. You will remain with nothing, but you have already told someone or made a promise. Remember the future a very important skill: to talk about what else there is that still in plans or even dreams. Happened? Exactly happened? Congratulations, you can talk. But it’s also really worth?

4. Stupid exorbitant costs

Sometimes we really want to buy something really badly, and somehow when the pay was decent time, but the money a cat naplakal. You buy this crap and stayed a month eat buckwheat without salt. So every time you want to go to an expensive restaurant, buy yourself some expensive piece of type mask of the horse or treat yourself to something, stop and give yourself a mental slap. Immediately to think about the consequences, it will help you to realize your stupidity. Sometimes we think we are saving too much, sometimes us is simply bad and want to at least momentary joy, and sometimes just boring. Almost all people are prone to reckless spending, someone to a lesser extent, to a greater is also a departure from reality. Sometimes it’s really necessary, but if money is almost no, sadly you need to go ahead and wait their appearance.

5. To eat pizza or to catch food when you’re hungry for

No matter how smart, beautiful, interesting, silly was not a girl with big drawbacks, none of them will suffer if you come home late her when she has made you a nice dinner waiting for you, and tell you that you have food caught at the bus stop. Prepare to die, dude!

After work, before work and during obwedennogo break, we sometimes want to get a bite to eat or just to somehow diversify boring routine in the office and under the window there is the shopping center with food courts, pancake or some cafes, restaurants, type of Poppy or Subway. You go out after work and feel a severe famine, severe famine or banal reluctance to go home immediately. Very often we do, especially when you work in an area where a lot of temptations? Go drink coffee, eat junk food, to intercept the Russian fast food or a full meal. When we naadams from the belly, we realize that violated the terms of his regime, eat harmful hawk(and we’re so hated McDuck!), spent an undesirable amount of money, although they could eat at home. Moreover, we realize that actually we could come home, to suffer hunger and a full meal at home a delicious soup, pasta, meatballs or salad, but failed. And somehow becomes uncomfortable, there was tried.

6. To say «I love you too»

Sometimes it comes from you exactly the same answer. She sneezed, and you said, «Be healthy.» She said, «Hello,» she nodded in response. She said, «I love you!», and you said, «I love you too». Only that is not true. You said it on the machine, or in order not to offend her, or just because, or simply not thinking. And you already feel like an awkward feeling fills you when she hugs you cute and glows with happiness. I want to say something like the American «Oops!».

To say «I love you» is a great thing. Of course, these words are said every day and almost always disingenuous. The problem is that they break the relationship, because «it runs in the family» works Oh how not always. I’m not saying it is wrong to say that it’s bad to play with feelings of girls, I’m saying that you deliberately and foolishly changed the relations in a new direction, although they remained at the same level.

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