Unexpected ways to use a treadmill

To cardio boring, to be honest. So many boys and girls take with them on the treadmill MP3 players or phones, to somehow brighten up this boring. But, as experts say, there are many ways to diversify leisure and the process of running on a treadmill. Today I tried to collect some perverted treadmill that have nothing to do with the run.

1. Transfer your body from one foot to the other


You are moving your body to the side, smoothly flowing from one foot to another, First you pull the leg as much as the treadmill, put my weight on the other side, and then immediately return to their original position, «flowing» back. To resist is difficult, so I recommend to set the lowest speed. Do each exercise for a minute, if you have more than 5 minutes. The number of repetitions from 3 to 5.

2. Plank with trying to fix your body in one position


As a Jogging track, a spoiler-spoiler, moves, pretty hard to stay in one position, but the static plank exercise will be dynamic. The treadmill put on a timer, take a position. To stay is extremely difficult, because you need strong shoulders and developed muscles. That’s why exercise is designed for advanced dudes. For the first time is minute attempt to execute this dubious use of the cardio equipment could be increased to five minutes. The number of repetitions for beginners — three, for the more advanced guys — all five times.

3. «The climber»


Set the treadmill in reverse mode. Your feet should reach approximately to the middle of the track (of course, if you allows growth), you get in position for push-UPS, hands are level with your shoulders. Pushing myself from the treadmill and trying to stay in this insecure position, you begin your journey. Almost the entire focus of the body movement along the path falls on the hands, which makes this exercise quite heavy. You will do ten jackpots in the process of implementation approaches. Like the exercise above, the «Climber» is done within a minute of the day (relative to beginners, given the complexity of the tasks), and within five minutes for advanced users. The number of repetitions during one training session varies from three to five.

4. Pic


Set the treadmill in a normal mode, in contrast to the previous paragraph. Start with the standard plank position. When the treadmill is turned on, and your feet will go back, try to rest as much as it does the man in the picture. Basic weight plus the load to keep your body in a certain position, then shipping hapless muscles of your shoulder girdle. If you’re okay with working with free weights, which teaches your muscles to maintain a stable condition for some time, you are very lucky. If not, I will not advise. Newbie trying to stay in this position for about a minute, the pros kept this a strange position all five. Repeat 3-5 times and pray that your body’s not experienced the joys of muscle pain in the morning.

5. Sprint


The main difference of this exercise from the standard run on the treadmill at a decent speed that you do it under a strong inclination. For this you have to hold on to, making the task at the same time very simple and complicated for the first performance. You’re making quite a lot of speed, make a strong tilt forward so that it seems as if your head will hit the Board, and begin your run. At the same time you need to keep your body and tilt in progress of the sprint. Offered for the first time the 1-minute sprint.

6. Some burpees

In fact it is the same as the standard some burpees, but using the treadmill. You put a track to a position opposite to that in which side you are doing push. The rest, as in the article about some burpees. Here she is, by the way.

Actually, come to think of it, on a treadmill in the presence of imagination, you can make a variety of interesting exercises. Coach my swing, for example, ran with a Griffon on his shoulders for some time. Also recommend man.

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