Unexpected things that can make you smarter

It was a bribe.com.ua_28.10.2014_rOnkDUvsT4hAQOnce we wrote about how everyday stuff can turn you into a vegetable, and in the shortest possible time. But not so sad. In life many such things, which can help to develop your intellectual capabilities. For example…

1. Clothing

In this article, we are going to quote scholars, because guys in white coats by default are considered to be smart. But why are they so smart? What is the reason? Genes, traits or education? What if the secret really lies in lab coats, which they always wear?

Surprise! Now you will read another strange fact is confirmed by science: in one experiment, the researchers asked the participants to take the test of the Scab. With half of them dressed in lab coats. The test results revealed that participants in lab coats showed a higher score and pass the test much better than those who were dressed in their everyday clothes. To ensure that the results did not appear accident, triggered by the location of the moon in the constellation Capricorn, was held the repeated experiment, only the robes were worn already on all participants, and one half said it was the robes of artists. The group that believed that their lab coats, again showed the best result. Scientists have come to believe that the wearing of laboratory coats makes a person feel smarter, and as psychologists say, actually makes you smarter than the usual faith in his strength and mighty intellect. Unfortunately, this also means that all think painters are idiots.

Flushed such a Grand discovery, which certainly shocked the entire scientific community, the experimenters decided to dig a little deeper. Were collected two groups, consisting of both men and women. The first group dressed in bikini and tighty-whities and the other in oversized sweaters. As a result, women wore swimsuits made more errors than those that were in sweaters, while men in both groups showed similar results.

Perhaps women in bikini is so strongly felt by the object of sexual consumption that it negatively affected their mental abilities. Men, by contrast, were only too happy to take his farm so much that even swimming trunks in the style of Borat only strengthened the belief in the power of his intellect.

But before you announce to your family that you’re willing to do the surgery my grandma personally, because you have a cool robe and a brilliant knife, cool your jets and think about what you are trying to convey these restless experimenters.

Not fashion, and certainly not the clothes affect the brain, and flexibility of intelligence based on the emotional state of the person, its ability to successfully concentrate on an important task well, and something else. Finally, intelligence is a measure of growth or of weight and measure not the easiest task. It varies depending on the particular day, your mood, concentration and expectations that you lay on the scheduled testing or West.

2. Bad mood

Who would refuse to go to work and go with her in a good mood? It is a pity that it is not always possible. Yes what there to speak, rather, such is the exception. But if you’re one of those who loves his job, don’t be surprised that many of your passion, and gushing optimism will be perceived in bayonets. In this country, not kidding. And don’t laugh. The more joy you have diminished when you learn that a lady from another Department in the head is superior to you intellectually.

How so? Here’s how: in the process of a single study, Australian researcher Joe Forgas found that anger and sadness contribute to «such a method of information processing, which successfully helps to cope with difficult situations». Vargas arranged for the participants of the experiment screening of short films about death, cancer, sick African children and legless dogs to make them melancholy, and when patients are ripe and sour, he gave them a series of experiments. The result looked depressing movies have made fewer mistakes in math problems and in General performed better in the control group: their memories were more detailed, and judgments about the credibility of the rumors are more accurate, in addition, they are less judged by strangers.

But this is not the only study on this topic: the experiment was conducted by the business school at Columbia University, showed that at the sight of the grim face of the person becomes more focused and attentive to detail. Its essence was that some participants talked about the work of their dreams, and forced the audience to each speaker to react differently, supporting his story with approving smiles or nods of the head, or will infamous oululainen, a laugh or a contemptuous look. Later, acting on the basis of their memories and made a collage. It is logical to assume that people whose dreams went particularly hard, were not in the high spirits, however, they showed more concentration, working on the collage, and, thus, deliver better work. Conclusion: when you wretch, you think big and productive.

3. Dancing

Although a famous proverb says: «How many people – so many opinions,» the scientists all agreed in opinion that if you don’t want in old age suffer from dementia, it is best to avoid occupations in which somehow have to fight about something with his head. The only question is, what exercises of the mind are most effective. The answer, oddly enough, are dancing. The age of the dancer does not matter.

But what side of the dance relate to mental activities? Have bright minds, and this is the answer, because the reason for them lab coats. They tested various activities that require both physical and mental activity (Cycling, solving crosswords, swimming, Golf, reading and dancing), and the results showed that physical activity did not protect the brain from age-related degradation, while reading and solving crossword puzzles, as expected, reduced the risk to 50%, but that dance…

Dancing reduced the risk of senile dementia up to 76%! The fact that this activity requires constant improvisation and mental activity, because the brain needs to send signals to different parts of the body, forcing it to move under normal conditions you would have been unlikely. Unlike swimming or Cycling where you’re making a mechanical movement and you stop to think about what you are doing, dancing is more dynamic and alive form of physical activity. While dancing, a person is forced to think faster, and this poses a couple of additional neural connections.

It is not known what dance is better suited for the development of mental abilities, but it is believed that, in principle, any activity devoid of routine where you need to make quick decisions, has a most beneficial effect.

4. Hobby

Speaking of pleasant leisure. There is quite an impressive list of with the help of which you can train your mind to the maximum, but now this item will be painted quite simply because we’ve written about a hobby that will make you smarter.

5. A Taser on the brain

Move to heavy artillery. If you started a strong to seek what really will make your shrivelled brain to work at full capacity, the Taser would be a great option. Australian scientists have developed a special method of treatment called «transcranial electrical stimulation», abbreviated as TES-therapy, during which, in the human brain with the aim of increasing its productivity send electric charges. Do not want to work in the good, so let them taste the electricity!

After receiving mild electrical impulses directly to the brain, the participants of the experiment were relative problems to solve complex tasks that the average person baffled. When using electricity, scientists suppressed the linear thinking left hemisphere of the brain and increased cognitive flexibility right, the subjects could solve the puzzles three times faster than the control group, and after a session of «charging electroshock» the level of intelligence of the subjects remained in the same high for another six months.

Such cheerfulness is only available in specialized blades, as there is a potential threat to fry their brains in the pursuit of the Nobel prize.

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