Unenviable fate, a girl is frigid


Hello, dear editors! You wrote 23-year-old boy, the question is this: my girlfriend, who is two years older than me, very weak libido. Sex her almost not at all interesting, maybe even a month not to think about it, even without understanding the allusions. But sometimes recalls and I have sex, but she says, «Is that you weren’t nervous». Constantly joking on the subject of adultery, gruppovushki and more. Now I Have no desire at all to have sex with her, because when it comes down to it, I remember her words that she does it without desire. What to do, dear editors? My nerves soon pass or will look left, you don’t want.

The answer

Hello, dear reader! Since you read us, I want to note two things:

1. You have great taste.

2. Bro and Dude are already rushing to help.

As he said Kozma Bars, «there is no braver feat than to live with a frigid woman.» Maybe not saying… In any case, it is important to realize for us, nezadoucich the elders, it always was like this, or this sad fact opened up some time after the beginning of your bedding svistoplyaska. If not, then… then humble yourself and relax. So you lucky in life, that is, «foul in love in frigid». But there is one big and hairy like Ron Jeremy, But women being in a rare degree strange and weird. Disgusting strange, even sad somehow. And there is a possibility that your sex life is as varied as jokes in the «distorting mirror»: just bored her to change to missionary «dog.» Or maybe you’re just not satisfying her like a man.

In any case do not want to offend you, do not think, we know all our readers are males, even if they are not sure, but it can be found in nature. So you need to add variety, to experience new heights, to be a little tougher to use stimulating oils (any sex shop will be happy to change them to shekels), and even to use such a salutary thing for virgins who want to get married in the status of the innocent as the anus. Yes, this is the territory of the complex, but it is subject to research. More variety, feel free to easy.

Remember, in life met a frigid woman, which sex, lecture on philosophy are equally boring. But he had only to reel her thick hair in a fist and kill where necessary, as there was interest, a small but appear. There were allusions to cunnilingus, but the lads in the area said it was zaskar and a random nymph was not worthy of such condescension.

There is one caveat. We don’t know how long you’re together. Such a point is point, but you don’t tell us, therefore, venture to suggest that half to two years. A lady older than you. You have her strong ties, affection, and, alas, a habit. Just got used with you lady, but a habit, nasty, dreary, and to decide on fundamental changes difficult. And Russian women have the syndrome of «wives of the Decembrists» and of the peasant patience. Will shoulder a heavy cross and suffer, like a Martyr, thinking to himself that anyone. Here your responsibility is to make your personal life more romantic and more fun. Then seditious issues will disappear. You are more concerned with the talk about «swinging» and other nonvirtuous and others of a good Christian perversion. It’s all hints and attempts something to change.

Happy frigid lady will do everything to make the gentleman feel comfortable, even to pretend that she was pleased, and wallow in the heat of passion a little more often. There is a living example, so just trust me. After all, they understand that sex is the basis of any relationship, as it is not sad, but for the sake of his beloved will deal with them as long as necessary. Even if for them it’s like going to a regional Museum. Another thing, if in a relationship you put it on the floor and the advantages are not in equal relationship, and above his. Here it is inappropriate. And it is necessary to respect and understand your needs, because she’s absolutely not afraid that you one day can give it up. If things are so, you will have to Bang his fist on the table and to show you, «Hu from Hu». And, if necessary, to prove that Evry fuckin day.

If all these efforts will not give fruit, run away from it, nothing to suffer. Who knows, maybe you’re just not right for her like a man, and she flatters the flesh with other males on the far side.

In any case, good luck. We will support you in every decision of yours, even wrong, but still we will stick to the bugs as a kitten in the puddle. Fingers crossed and wish good.

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