Unemployed Japanese staged a bloody massacre.

No, man, the Japanese are strange, one that’s made a real bloodbath at the train station in the Japanese Prefecture of Fukuoka. Injured six people.

It happened on Saturday at Hakata station, where 26-year-old unemployed of Kimitaka Nakano began to attack someone with a knife.

Injured six people, five of whom were immediately taken to the hospital. According to doctors, the injuries are not life threatening.

None of the victims are unemployed strange Japanese man did not know, and did this weird thing not even because thought lives in the world of GTA, but only because they just «wanted to stab people». It really explains a lot, friend.

Media have already dubbed the incident a «case passer-devil», by the way is not just the name of this case is specially invented poetic name of the type of crime, when a passer-by suddenly grabs the knife. In Japan. Cesare Lombroso smokes on the sidelines, man.

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