Under the eye of ISIS

It’s time to talk about the most fashionable and influential party – the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. These urchins do not go from the front pages of world news, arranging themselves such that cultural words are not name-calling. But especially depressing is the attitude of radical Islamists to the monuments and memorials of world history. One by one, are indicative of the destruction of temples and cities that emerged thousands of years before Islam, Christianity and other movements. Everything that was not destroyed by time and the ancient conquerors destroyed the interesting barbarians of ISIS.

Try to understand why all this, why and who’s next.


antiuryadovі demonstranti spalyuyut primіrnikіv zelenoї knigi poryad z zelenoї knigi centru doslіdzhen v bengazі 2 bereznya 2011 roku. reyter/asma Waguih (lіvіya tegi: gromadyanskі zavorushennya polіtika)

Mosul is a town located in Northern Iraq on the Tigris river and is now occupied by terrorists. In early 2015, the Islamic state militants blew up the Central library of Mosul. In the courtyard of the library was arranged a demonstration burning the allegedly objectionable Allah books and ancient manuscripts. It was destroyed from 8 to 10 thousand books. When religion begins to burn our books, this means only one thing: the world once again came to the point.


The second major barbarian destruction was also suffering in Mosul. In February 2015, militants have published a video in which they destroy the exhibits of the Museum of Mosul. Some particularly meticulous viewers saw that some were with armature inside. Of course, 2000 years ago, the rebar in the production of cultural monuments has not been used, and therefore, the exhibit was unsuccessful, and no damage was done. But the fact is that in any Museum there is a replica, which hangs a sign «a copy of the ancient monument, so-and-so articles to the B. E.». So it was in the Mosul Museum: part of the destroyed sculptures were unsuccessful, copies of ancient monuments, which were stored at the National Museum of Baghdad. But a certain part is destroyed was definitely real. In the Mosul Museum were about 100 of the originals.

But the good news is that when Islamists attack a large portion of the rarities were removed and did not get greedy owner who cannot build, only destroy. But as time has shown, the events in Mosul was only the beginning. The most interesting began later.


4 Mar 2015 fanatics of the Islamic state prayed, kissed each other, and in a cheerful mood took bulldozers and went to the ruins of the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud, located South-East of Mosul. How then happily said the ISIS, the city is completely wiped off the face of the earth. Nimrud is the modern name of an ancient Mesopotamian city Kalhu. Just think, the city was founded in the 13th century BC by Shalmaneser I, and during the reign of a man with an even more difficult name – of ashurnasirpal II became the capital of Assyria.

The question arises, what right do they have to destroy what was built a great civilization for many thousands of years before them? But they have their own truth.


The next step was Hatra, an ancient city in the Parthian Kingdom. The city withstood several sieges and Roman was considered the most well-preserved monument of Parthia. But before the bulldozers ancient ruins were powerless. What amount of information was lost! The Parthian Kingdom was one of the most powerful States in the world’s history, and such bugs as IG, they would be crushed mercilessly, in contrast to the modern «empires», who only shrug.


The next day all the ladies of the Islamic state was made a truly Royal gift. March 8 was partially destroyed Dur-Sharrukin – it is a remarkable monument, which was also the capital of Assyria. The barbarians behaved in the old ruins very prudently: some of the artifacts looted, a part blew up.

As for the shrines, of ISIS no prejudice about whether to destroy or not to destroy. Even here the question is not – by far!

So they destroyed two ancient shrines in the Syrian city of Palmyra. Terrorists blew up the tomb of the nephew of the Prophet Muhammad, which, for a moment, had historical value, protected by UNESCO. A day earlier, Islamists destroyed the tomb of the Holy prophet Jonah in Iraq’s Mosul. Well Christian ion, and this is what the prophet’s nephew, not pleased big question. However, it has the answer: they believe that these Muslim mausoleums contrary to their religious beliefs, and forbid his men to visit the Shrine.

That will destroy

But those monuments to which ISIS has not yet reached his hands.


Palmyra has long become the common word: «Northern Palmira», «South Palmyra». All that long and beautiful, called the «Palmyra». The largest monument of the late antiquity, even in its current state looks nice. Well, of course, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the city was taken under the protection of UNESCO. And under the control of ISIS. The militants took control of the city and mined a lot of monuments, and the rest out of the city in an unknown direction.

Recently they destroyed an article of the lion of al-Lat, a unique monument to a height of three meters and weighing 15 tons. This lion was a symbol of the city. A lot of things destroyed. And much have to destroy.


For example, the Temple of Bel in Palmyra. Dates back to 32 BC, now partially restored. Magnificent example of Eastern and ancient architecture and even now it looks beautiful. But most likely, the world will lose this inheritance. The fact that Bel was regarded as the chief in the Pantheon of Mesopotamian Gods. And then you understand that. And do not care what this God a long time do not compete with Allah. The main thing – any way to show who’s boss.


Scary to imagine what will happen with the main Yezidi temple Lales, an object of pilgrimage for many members of this small but proud denomination. And with it necessarily something will happen, just look at the relationship between the Kurds and the militants – they ruthlessly destroying each other. Rather, the militants are trying to destroy and take in humiliating slavery of «infidels», and they just protect their historical lands.

The militants have already posted a video where under the guise of another Kurdish Lalesh undermine the Church. Failed. It would be very unfortunate if you fall the main Shrine of a religion based on Islam, Judaism, and Christianity zoroastrizma. It is a pity though, because that left Yazidi temples can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Suffering in Mosul allocationsize stands the ancient Church of St. George. Haldo Catholics is one of the branches of the Eastern Catholic Church, sort of a Catholicism with an Oriental flavor. Christians in the middle East now live a difficult life, and, of course, to wait for help from ISIS against the temple was stupid. In March, they broke the crowning temple of the cross, broke the bricks on the facade that portrayed the cross. In General, got rid of all crosses, and now use the temple as a prison. The only reason the building was not damaged. Maybe, of course, considering that to build expensive temples, the militants will take advantage of the method proposed, after the capture of Constantinople by the Turks, and turn it into a mosque, but something tells me that they will not stand on ceremony and destroy the walls, «operaciniu» wrong religion.


Dura-Europos is not an insult to the continent, and the name of a large trade city on the Euphrates. It was founded by an enterprising security guard of Alexander the great Seleucus I Nikator, who after the death of the great king, together with other companions of Alexander divided his mighty Empire and created their own, the mighty Kingdom. In the III century, the town did not, remained only the well-preserved ruins. Because the city was too colorful, it included Greeks, Syrians, and a large Jewish community, and the Iranian tribes that have not heard of Islam only for the reason that at that time just came up.

The city has preserved synagogue, built in 244-245 years. It is perfectly sohranivshiesya ancient fresco, which depicts the hand of God, stretched out to people. That she faces, not difficult to imagine. The Christian Church and other ruins waiting for about the same. Fortunately, most of the frescoes were taken to Damascus during excavations of the city. But to lose it is still very, very sad.


It just so happened that each square metre of the territory occupied by the militants, imbued with history. Here was born the first civilization that built the ancient city, which in the dark age looked better than the residence of LIH. Monuments of history of mankind, but fighters all the same. As conquerors, and even fanatics, they write their own story. Ancient bricks are worth nothing. The ancient Sumerian city of Mari, built in the III MILLENNIUM (!!!) BC, with its mysterious ziggurat, most likely, too will be exposed to barbaric destruction.

Many wonder why the city of raqqa, which is under the control of militants, destroyed the remnants of the Baghdad gate, established already in the 8th century. Them to the end was destroyed by Mongols, near which the militants seem to be street thugs. But many believe that the gates days are numbered. Buried ruins of the ancient Sergiopolis.


You may not like old ruins and ancient civilizations. But I hope you are smart enough to understand that the destruction of monuments of architecture – the sheer madness.

So, every religion seeks to destroy their predecessors. Such was the case in Rome when the Christians began to destroy the ancient temples, and in Russia. A young country, trying to show his power was ruthless to their inherited heritage. But that was long ago, and nowadays it seems a crazy vandalism. Maybe it’s a slap in the face to the rest of the world, or maybe just self-assertion on the bones.

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