Unconventional ways to turn a girl on? They have me


If you want to participate in mind-blowing sex, you must first turn a girl on. Some women just enough to undress, and they are ready, and some, on the contrary, need a lot of caresses, kisses, foreplay and all that nonsense. The main thing is to figure out what he wants your girlfriend.

Today’s tips should help every guy with any girl. So, how to drive her crazy?

1. To be well-dressed

As the song ZZ Top, every girl crazy about a well dressed man. Strange thing, but a well-chosen suit makes women have a huge desire, as well as any clothes that you look cool. Of course, this does not mean that you need every day wear the three-piece suit (though impenetrable), just take your clothes and appearance attention. If everything is in harmony, the girl wants to undress you and faster. Dress well, take care and stay in form here are the universal secrets to be cherished for years to come. In addition, it can make her look just like you, if possible. Sounds strange? We promised that the ways are unconventional!

2. Talking dirty

I must say that in your speech there should be nothing humiliating. Try to avoid this by any means! To work, come to your woman so that she understood what purpose you get to it and that in her hands was nothing severe and acute. You get to her from behind, sweep her hair to had access to your ear and say things like: «Come here, you dirty bitch!»

You first need to know what turns her on, and that can hurt. Some will not accept any form of rudeness and profanity. Someone like lyrics and romance. Someone — unsavory and depravity. Someone playful. Find what she likes, and remember, whispering makes any girl go crazy, the main thing — to find a way!

3. Lick her thighs and back

These body parts are most sensitive for every woman. Thighs, especially the inner part, the matter is delicate, needs affection and delicate handling. But for some reason they constantly ignore! And it is wrong. Many girls do not even suspect that, patting their backs and thighs, you can achieve such a stunning effect. Moreover, this effect can be thousands of times stronger than her irritation of intimate areas! Here it is!

Spread your legs apart, use the power of the tongue and fingers and began to roll around from her knee to the Lotus flower. But the Lotus flower while to get used to! The touch should be ephemeral, light, sometimes rough, provided that the girl likes it. Light stroking with the fingertips and touch the tip of the tongue. After a while she wants to see you switched to active attack.

The back is a wonderful part of the girl’s body. Especially remarkable the spine, or rather, a hollow in the middle of the back. In General, the whole back is very sensitive to caresses. Don’t know why. Kisses and light tongue movement.

In the list of such unexpected erotic zones add zone from the armpits to ribs. She is also very sensitive! Language and fingertips!

4. Use erotic movies

This is the standard advice, dude, but very important! Erotic movies carry an important function: they liberate! Is squeezed girls who don’t know what they want from sex — they can watch porn and understand that sex is cool, sex is nothing shameful, and moaning is the norm. Among men dominate the visuals, but that does not mean that women are not. The difference is that we want to watch! Girls like porn with something other than fucking. I recommend you this list, there’s a lot of porn… with a plot and all. By the way, I recommend you hentai, because there are all very nice. In some cases.

Let her watch porn while you’re, for example, in the bathroom. But you can watch porn together if you don’t mind.

5. Call her more

If you plan it carefully Ottertail, call her a couple of times a day, for example, at lunchtime, and said a bunch of laskovoe or hints of the erotic plan. If you are chatting work on Skype, came her a couple of erotic images, ambiguous joke or something in this spirit. The girl will know that she will be waiting for the evening and will savor. Only it doesn’t mean you have to call the girl and serious announcer tone to say: «Honey, today we will have sex! Prepare yourself mentally!». Hints and ambiguity — remember that!

6. Blindfolded

When a person has no access to any of our senses, the others sharpen. This does not mean that a girl has eyes gouged out, just use an eye patch to disable her vision. It’s corny, but it helps. The girl will imagine what will happen next, focusing only on sound and touch. A sense of mystery and the exacerbation of feelings that are very helpful.

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