Unconventional Vans

manygoodtips.com_22.08.2014_WelnBrmZjcISUWe decided to give a little hipsta-topic and understanding more favorite brands this pseudo-trendy environment. Of course, we will focus on vansach, not to be confused with Vance. This year for some reason all modnyuchy decided to buy these iconic sneakers. And those people who began to wear checkers slip-ons «before it became mainstream», could only grumble angrily at Chepstow. Sometimes it seems that soon all that I love normal people turn into pathetic cheap fashion. Vansi already joined the ranks of the freaks favorite things.

Well, what about the brand itself. Say thank you for these cool shoes Creator brand Paul van Dorene. He founded his youth group back in 1966. It’s funny that in Russia it is shoes became popular nearly a half century. Though now it is considered that fancy created for skaters and nemerov, first the creators of this brand was not aimed specifically at this consumer.

Why Paul decided to open the case associated with shoes? The fact that the age of 14 he went to work with mom at a Shoe factory. After 6 years, he significantly advanced through the ranks and became Deputy Director of the factory.

After some time, it so happened that one of the factories belonging to the firm where he worked Floors suffered heavy losses and was on the verge of bankruptcy. Leadership it was decided that van Doren, his brother is an engineer and their friend needs to go into a ruined factory and try to restore order there.

manygoodtips.com_22.08.2014_IP3wPGEwLyw3tIn the end, after eight months of work at the enterprise, these three guys lifted him to his feet. Now this factory has become more profitable than the parent company of the company. Of course, after all this hoopla of young and promising employees decided that can access its production. They have not pulled and soon opened his own factory producing shoes under the name «Rubber Company van Doren» (Van Doren Rubber Company).

On the first day of opening a new store, they sold 12 pairs of sneakers. It is noteworthy that in the Windows you can see an example of a particular model. The man chose any pair of shoes and took her the next day. Performing shoes exclusively custom young entrepreneurs save on the initial cost.

The first model was not wearing the usual you names such as «old school» or «authentic», they had individual rooms. The company grew rapidly and soon the range appeared slightly modified female models, and after some time there is a children’s model number — 15.

10 years after the opening of the first store began producing models under the name «Off The Wall», which was specifically created for skaters and nemerov. By happy coincidence, the creators of the brand at the time noticed the popularity of models among extreme sports enthusiasts and in time launched a specialized line.

Whence came the famous espadrilles with checkered pattern? Here again the key role played by surveillance. The fact that in the late seventies, among the youth it was fashionable to decorate your sneakers in a checkerboard pattern. Without hesitation, in a row, van Doren launched a new sneaker in the desired pattern.

manygoodtips.com_22.08.2014_eiSOpslo2SStaFor many years vancy became popular among the youth that listens to rock and loves extreme sports. Regularly, the brand pleases its consumers with new exclusive collections like: star wars and The Beatles.

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