Unacceptable things for an adult man


From clause. Saw what we had not yet begun and we have already met, just like some poor Asian Republic for the genocide. So, comrade, there is a probability of 146% 292% that you crossed these stereotypes and live in peace, despising the «male» stereotypes. And rightly so, my boy, you’re doing it right! Rather, read this article about how society, your friends, mother and your woman make you hesitate some of their desires and dreams, because viewing «the lion King»and «Hercules» does not like to wait long.

The beauty and shame

So usual, that’s beautiful, watching them automatically, in the mass, passes into the ranks of fans foreign objects in his anus. Any means on care of a body is considered shameful and vicious. Not rude, you see, to use all sorts of healing balms and cosmetics. Note, men’s cosmetics. Well, only if the long hair fell out, and his face turned into traces of nuclear war. But, if a man is watching them, that’s fine. If he visits the temples manicure for beautiful hands, that’s okay too. Two hours dub the hair on the face of the trimmer is also well done. Once grew on the face of something longer bristle, be kind, care for, do not start the hair, like uncle Gregory-Smith, whose whiskers smoothly flow in the throat.

Because the most interesting thing is that all these beauty gadgets are all trying to cope, only to say it out loud feels dirty or something.


Cosmetics makeup, but in a series of one recalcitrant and is very distinctive screwball. Talking about the magical ointment, which gives your face become like fisiologia legendary Baraka from Mortal Kombat. Yes, we are talking about lip balm, the wand in the cold season or with a hangover, when dried lips crack like spring ice, and turn into scabs drowned. Bleeding patterns, framed by «feathers» sticking out on all sides white patches of yesterday’s lips – it’s so beautiful, and most importantly, comfortable: neither smile or talk normally. Oral ring shrinks to the size of a chicken’s ass, and trying to expand the boundaries of lips an unforgettable experience.

But to anoint chapstick we zapadlo, men can to call bad words. Therefore, we like men to nibble and pick off (although after the same hygienicke they break and obrazuetsja two times lighter).

I remember standing in a traffic jam in a taxi, the driver began to smear your lips hygienic lipstick. Standing next to the driver has shown in his look a mixture of surprise and disgust. And what the hell is he looking at drivers? Not Podarok whether it is an hour? Joke. Maybe not…

Football shape


How cool was in childhood to buy the form with favorite football club and go with the boys to play football. Now times have changed a little, in football you don’t play, except on the computer, on the team in a number of cases began to spend less time. But the passion remained. Mike buy like. You see the older fans who go to the stadium to root for Orenburg «Gazovik» branded t-shirts of my favorite club, and I think: «And what have I done!?» To the stadium you do not go, and if go, then every 3 years), but I remember those feelings from the past, felt wearing. However, your girlfriend considers it a manifestation of extreme infantilism and irresponsibility. They say that stupid shirt you have 5 Grand, but on a new dress and the 25th bedding set no money. Anyway, certainly there outrage about the fact, how old are you and are you in it will go (to friends and to the bar). Here’s how to explain to her that this is a good branded t-shirt, very useful and practical? Yes way. Because someday, maybe, perhaps, (why not) the stars line up and you go to the gym, and then you’ll need sportswear. In the end, the first two weeks it will be your favorite clothes.

Soldiers and airplanes

If you’ve heard anything about aircraft modeling? Of course, back in the days when I first got interested in aeromodelling. Then you told me that to assemble the planes, tanks and soldiers can be up to his old age. Then you saw the collection of adult bearded and perfectly normal with mean dudes show their monumental collection, and decided to collect them again, but again faced the charges of infantilism. But to make a «Tiger» or paint the Macedonian phalanx – an occupation that requires perseverance. Obviously the craft is not a boy, but her husband. Perhaps that is why they organize competitions among themselves where children are at times less. But even if you hit with his «model» all kinds of records, many will still be «that weirdo who digs with airplanes» or «colors of the soldiers». Toy soldiers is awesome! They have a gun, and that man, which of you jiving, no. He which year promises to become a hunter.

«Again at his computer!»

At the age of 18 to 30 years of computer games playing every second (49%). In the older age group (31 to 45 years) – one in three (35%). This is the official statistics, not a figment of our imagination. But my mom, girlfriend, wife you can not explain it. Or are you at least 18, at least 25, at least 70, you will still blame the fact that you don’t get down and «like a doll in the games are played». First, it tells the mom and then the girl.

But we are waiting for a future where seniors are enthusiastically with youthful enthusiasm, the DIN on the console, cursing each other and the old fingers.

The main sadness is that in fact most mothers and wives understands this (hell, they play themselves), but the stereotype of «real man» still stronger. Or maybe you spend at the computer too long, then like a bunch of important, in her opinion, the Affairs is not done yet. Perhaps in a few generations things will change.

Music, cartoons, TV, movies


Despite the fact that «Gravity falls» is based more for adults than for children, some are still afraid to admit they watch cartoons, and I can tell Fluttershy of Applejack. But Gabe Newell is not dumb. Cartoons are cool, and those who are trying to wean themselves from viewing not children’s «family Guy» just because they are painted, should demand from the Lord a compensation for lack of brains. That kind of nonsense, half the toons poses a much more serious issues than Oscar winning movies. In any case, «the Road to El Dorado» is no worse than all melodramas, taken over the past 90 years.

Cartoons are cool, even if they kids, even if it is Peppa Pig. Cartoons teach good, and «fighters only fight» (your grandmother). Therefore, it is never too late to fill the gaps in knowledge and to learn the behavior of the bastard Luntik, the basics of physics and instrumentation in magic motherfuckers Friends and family values in a lousy Barbacking. And joyful life Finn and Jake.

Silly shame for the love of cartoons may be only the shame of watching TV. In the past time to admit that you watch soap operas and transmission on TV, was tantamount to a confession of inferiority. What’s wrong with you? 5 years ago everyone was watching TV and worried about the nice guy in the «guess the melody».

On TV, by the way, are not only program malyshevoy «Fashion verdict» and «COP wars «19», there is a lot of interesting things. And even if you look at all of the above, then you at least know how to wear a frill and what are the first signs of hemorrhoids. Importantly, to your level of thinking are not pushed to the level of the main characters «Uni», but the mouth was not promoted heresy, heard in broadcasts Solovyov. If you’re watching out of habit and I know where delirium and where not, then… then hurry it up, «Control purchase».

By the way, their musical preferences to be ashamed of is not worth it. Look though «the Prison», for God’s sake, don’t start, like the guys from «Caspian shipping», dream on his non-existent criminal life. Like you songs Kirkorov – well done, by the way, voice better than Kurt Cobain, and some reputable people say that Bruno Mars is an American Soso Pavliashvili.

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