Ultralight pocket knife

Ultralight pocket knife


It’s safe to call this knife is not the lightest in the world (because we honestly have no idea what in the world is the easiest). Why you need a lightweight knife? First, in our enlightened opinion, this knife can do different funny or not, the tricks, and secondly, it is convenient. Not that easy, the — Frank slag? Not mean, at least these guys successfully prove that it is not.

This knife weighs only 34 grams. Its blade is made of stainless steel and coated with titanium for better reliability. The knife is extremely reliable blocking system. And this is important (the author of this article once as a child playing with a cheap penknife, which unexpectedly opened up and tight and cut his finger). In the presence of a hook to hang than the belt. Conveniently, needless to say.

It should be $ 60. Logical application in everyday life, we find he can’t — except as a utility knife?


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