Ugly vs Beauty

manygoodtips.com_6.04.2015_3eoExFWui2RL4As you might guess, this opus is dedicated to a charming sources of human troubles and joys as women. As you know, there are beautiful girls there is not very much, but there are just terrible and stupid. We will discuss only the last two, as many guys prefer the beauty, forgetting about the other parts of normal life partner. Try to understand what ladies are far from the standards of beauty, better juicy beauties.

Refer to more simple men’s world. Man’s world does not consist only of alpha males. Meet and a nice «omega» – the titans of loneliness, whose relationships with women as sad as the struggle of the French with the Nazis. And usually, this is part of a strong half of mankind are prone to idealization of the image of the «genius of pure beauty», and quite simply, they focus their attention, efforts and thoughts are insanely beautiful lady, who dreams about something else. And here begins the active phase of courtship, the performance of different orders, that is, becoming a lackey of «Princess».

However, pryntsessa you two hundred years is not needed. Her mother said that a man must earn a lot, to be in the car (a certain price), the apartment (of a certain square footage) and in the muscles. So the flower is her «Prince on a white pony, while you are vainly trying to show his claim on her throne. However, the maximum that you can get, it is a moral compensation in the form of friendship and good relations. And then what? On suicide, alcohol, isolation, misogyny, heels, sex change – do what you want.

Even in the most amorphous «omega» has a chance, because single ladies is actually no less than single men. I don’t mean bitches who change partners like a daily strip. I mean those whose appearance does not meet model standards. They, as a rule, ugly, beautiful and very cute. And with the nature of their easier. But the obsession with standards of beauty that stops us from seeing the beauty of the spiritual. Everyone wants to grab the female is prettier, but not all think about the consequences. In the end, the external beauty does not guarantee health of the uterus and nerves.

I will give a little less nondescript there’s a lot of advantages, which are worth mentioning.

«Oh my God, what a story! We all die because of some profursetki!»

Hector, Prince of Troy



The king of Sparta Menelaus and Pushkin in his time suffered because of their ladies. The first woman, the prostitute, who ran away with the Trojan Prince Paris, unleashed a bloody war for 10 years, and the second because of the beautiful wife-fools (Natalia great mind did not differ) lost his life. Ugly will be faithful to you until the last just because you chose it. Salvador Dali cried a lot at the time, through constant infidelity of his wife gala, whom he loved dearly. A common thing when returning home, he found his wife in the arms of a passionate young Spaniard, after which the harlot consoled the weeping genius words: «nothing, Nothing. You know I love you.» A lot of blood he drank and finally ate to the point, his already shaky psyche. Here you need that kind of suffering? Constant suspicion, jealousy, and the like. I think not.

Someone will say that the ladies, whose shape and build is far from ideal, it is impossible to live, and sooner or later you will start to «walk left.» However, my close friend of 5 years now lives happily with a very full lady. In marriage, divorce, they are not going because happy in the extreme. He knows that he will not change, and he respects loyalty, because in intimate terms she suits him a little more than full.

«Damn, married the Countess Mukhina, you would not have shot through the stomach. And even though she is scary, but a good man».

A. S. Pushkin

Claim and tyranny


As mentioned avid homosexual Oscar Wilde: «the History of women is the history of the worst form of tyranny the world has ever known. Tyranny of the weak over the strong.»

You little brat – she and in Africa you little brat: eternal requirements, rumbling. You have it, a spoonful of the divine ambrosia, and she you horse shit on the blade. You tell her all your love, and she demands high character: «But my dad knew how, and you can’t», «But if you loved me, you’d buy me an iPhone. Your relationship turned into an attraction called «the agreement on time», spending lots of tantrums and the final verdict from your friends: «Throw this fool». As mentioned in the classics of Soviet cinema: «it is necessary to Marry the orphan.» This, of course, extremes, but, in fact, true. Virgo, which, as a rule, can not stand the brain. The smaller woman thinks about its beauty and uniqueness, the more her mind brain. A smart man always chooses a wise woman. This lady will not pester you with empty claims and expect you «Golden» boast. «Every person is king in his house,» said George Bernard Shaw, and she knows it.

«The history of women is the history of the worst form of tyranny the world has ever known. Tyranny of the weak over the strong.»

Oscar Wilde

Beauty in the shower


«In the person all should be beautiful: face and clothes, soul and thoughts». The phrase Chekhov not only knows the idiot. But, as a rule, to achieve all this is not so simple. Smart beauties with pure thoughts do not exist. Dirty thoughts, or the soul suffers. In people who are ugly usually, with thoughts cleaner. Besides, ladies with drooping sides easier to make candy than with TP of academician. If ugly adequate, then she will try to make up for the lack of external beauty than anything else. To sitting at home read to you poems, simultaneously cooking soup. In the end, if you love a woman not for beauty, and she loves you, she will still be beautiful. Remind you, in every woman there is a highlight, enough to move away from the stereotypes. Half the world FAP Helena Bonham Carter, and the other half doesn’t understand what’s good about this monkey.

«A frog.»

Ivan Tsarevich



There is an opinion that beautiful people the sex give in to people less beautiful. No, if the lady is so terrible, that when intercourse has to wear on her head the pack, the pleasure you are unlikely to get. However, the fact remains. Whether because of the ugly look more pornography, because the last thing I think about its uniqueness, and therefore more committed… Hard to say.

This is not an axiom, it can be appealed. However, a word of mouth and the personal experience of many suggests that it is, as he sang the guys from Metallica: «Sad but true». Remember the story about my friend and his full wife? So, according to him, she can do that, from what he at other ladies even look.

«You mean I risked my life, avoiding turtles and break through brick walls just for the sake of the log?! It’s not worth it!»

Super Mario

Clear, beauty, especially female, is subjective. You may not agree with me and all life suffer from the constant tantrums, forgetting the fact that smart people choose a man looking into his soul, picking it so that it was comfortable to live with it, and only idiots choose by appearance. But that’s your business. Whatever makes you happy. Most importantly, remember: the most beautiful woman is the one that you love.

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