Ugears: constructors are not for wimps

What are constructors? If you do not have Affairs with them in adult life, you’ll remember some Lego. To collect Lego, you need to have a few of the convolutions. Adults such nonsense is not doing what they say. But what if you take the constructor that you will gather for two days? Let’s try to replace ungodly plastic to real wood as would like every veteran and see what happens without any electronic pieces in the stuffing.

Today we invited our editors a unique person who is engaged in distribution of designers is not for the weak. His name is Ivan Spiroski, and it is a unique company Ugears, which was born out of a startup, dreams and big ambitions that move the company toward one goal — market domination. Where such a success? What is remarkable about these wood designers (spoiler: they’re moving!) and why we will never falter if products Ugears will give us the salary? On this and tell Ivan Spiroski.

Why Ugears?

In fact, I first tried some other products — since 2009 in Russia the brand is Razor. But the problem is the scooters was significant — this is a seasonal item, so buy it in the winter much less than in summer. Especially in Russia, where the wise men ride through the ice on the scooter not find. I, as a businessman, it was logical to find some more brands that I could open for Russia. Our team was looking for such brands mainly in the environment of sporting goods, but nothing intelligent civilizations.

But then I saw the designers Ugears. There was a click in my head, and I immediately contacted the manufacturer to discuss the possibility of delivery in Russia. We have had a very positive dialogue via Skype, and we agreed to cooperate. If you are good, I had first to obtain samples to verify quality. Then order a small batch to gauge demand. But I decided to take a chance because I was excited about the idea of the designer. Decided not to pull and without even trying the product in person, immediately ordered 7000 designers.

For two months, we estimated the demand, the designers tried to put the existing clients at the Razor, has launched the official website, introduced to all employees with our new product, has developed a promotion strategy. It was a change of the whole paradigm, but we were working very hard, and in late August we finally launched the advertising campaign.

At the end of September we took part in the largest fair of children’s goods in Russia, and thanks to her and our advertising campaign, we started showing up every day new partners.

At the moment in Russia we have 250 partners who sell our products. The largest of them chain stores. There is even a network that currently has 107 stores. The smallest entrepreneurs who sell products over the Internet. There are partners that open up the Islands in shopping centers, there are partners who buy from us and resell the goods in bulk in their region. It is a profitable business which brings a good income to those who joined him.

Just imagine that today all over Russia daily sold about a thousand designers. And this is not the limit, especially for the seasonal months of the year — Dec. I am sure that next year we will achieve much better results.

I have never been fond of constructors. But when we got the first batch, then I, like all of our employees, sat down to collect your first designer Ugears. Chose the box and assembled it in about one working day. I would advise every businessman to closely get acquainted with what it offers to its customers.

Unlike designers Ugears from other

For ourselves, we determined that our designers are designed for children from 14 years and adults. This is logical, because they are more difficult to collect, and the focus of the company Ugears makes for an adult male audience. For people like myself. And I knew as soon as I collected the first constructor. Based on my observations, the children these things rarely give, and if a man gives his son a designer, the only goal to take part in the proceedings.

In this respect, the designers Ugears does not make sense to compare it to. This is a very unique product that is not just fun to collect — and it still moves. However, the Assembly occurs without the help of glue. Details of the treated wood and some rubber bands — all that a buyer will find in the box.

When we ordered the first batch, we were convinced that the main popularity will be the cheap model. But it turned out that people appreciate Ugears precisely because of its complexity, the software engineering mechanisms. And evaluate it is possible only in the case when you’re on the most complex and expensive models — they became leaders of sales. The three most expensive models are the engine, truck and safe. They account for about one-third of all brand sales in Russia. And only 18 models!

I think our designers will be very popular, because the build process is a fascinating process, which develops into a positive habit that is impossible to put down. Want to buy other models to expand your collection and collect, collect, collect.

For our readers, so for you specifically, the company Ugears gives a discount coupon in 20% of the cost of designers. All you need to enter the name of your favorite magazine at the time of order designer. Here it is:

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