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Little green men, the newspaper «Anomaly» aliens among us, they built the pyramids, invented the toilets, iPhones and hairstyle Donald trump — all of these stories in the spirit of the channel Ren-TV, and Ernest muldasheva very interesting. But yet, of all fictional beings, live our editors have only seen pokemon, so to talk like a hero artist Filippov in «Carnival night», about whether there is life on Mars and beyond, or not, we won’t. But the truth, as told Hank Mulder, he’s a Moody Fox somewhere. Because I can tell you and someone to recall the most well-known cases where UFOs still watching mankind.

74.N. e.: flying a jug of wine

manygoodtips.com_25.07.2016_feJYfjF5uHZexPlutarch is widely known as a biographer and historian. Largely thanks to his descriptions we know so much about the army, and know of ancient Rome. However, its collections are quite unique history, like the story of the old French Comedy — take an unexpected turn in the most intense moment. Consider one of the battle in Phrygia in 74 BC between the Roman army and the troops of Mithridates VI of Pontus. The battle ended in complete confusion and chaos because the soldiers pretty laid brick piles, saw in the sky a giant Ghost that stopped right between the two armies. According to the description it was made of flame-colour silver and had the shape of a jug of wine. Plutarch mentions that, for obvious reasons, «both sides were amazed at the sight, and went in different directions». What it was — an unfortunate pyrotechnic focus of Jupiter, UFO, or excuse do not want to fight soldiers — will remain a mystery. Rather tired of the endless violence, the warriors took some kind of natural phenomenon as a sign of reconciliation more. That is enough to fight, you better drink.

1561: mass alien carnage over Nuremberg

If somehow you were in Nuremberg in 1561, it is likely that you had the opportunity to observe the famous intergalactic battle in history, because the destruction of the death star, and the victory of the gummi Bears over the Empire could be seen from everywhere. But on the Ground — only in Nuremberg. Maybe it was another battle, who knows, because, as local residents saw in the sky strange glowing objects, like flying guns, crosses, balloons, flying elephants and other objects. These objects are so quickly ran from side to side, faced each other, what ignorant people thought about the battle. Or maybe it’s not intergalactic Ramsey, and the usual optical phenomena based on the refraction of light like a halo or Parghelia?

Even Carl Jung theorized the unconscious, and that the people of Nuremberg, perhaps impressed by the difficult political situation simply saw an unusual natural phenomenon of divine battles. It is also worth noting that this was the era of unreliable information and all kinds of fabrications. At about this time from England there was a rumor about a woman who gave birth to rabbits.

1897: Texas airship

manygoodtips.com_25.07.2016_iXhxGgNZVTuDSThe Americans were obviously interested in the possibility of extraterrestrial life in the late 19th century. Texas resident S. E. Haydon decided to write about one incident, where a spaceship crashed, the pilot (obviously not from «our» world) died, and he was even buried in the local cemetery with Christian rites, and the wreckage of the ship, for unknown reasons, threw into the well.

Now it is believed that Hayden just made up that story to glorify the wilderness, and to attract visitors, but caused no small sensation at the time.

1940: «Foo Fighters» (UFOs, not the band) scare military

So, the group was named after the slang designation of a UFO among American pilots. These UFOs constantly interfere in air battles in different areas of hostilities of world war II, and so sat in the livers, superstitious aviators. Is not known to have been affected somehow these little spherical flying objects on the course of action the battle or not, but given the oppressive atmosphere, in General, pilots were not alone. They were confident that these children of a distant Galaxy like Hitler and his friends, shamelessly sent to the ground planes of the allies. But most likely, it was no UFO, and another experimental technique, in large numbers came out with the forge of the Nazis, and probably harm it did not cause, just his unexpected appearance and shape confused aviators.

1942: Struck in Los Angeles

From the rich history of the relations between the US and UFOs you can make a whole series, and even without Fox Mulder. Two words of three letters, with interest rubbing against each other and not dare to close contact.

But one of the strangest pages these long, painful relationship, you can call the events that occurred on the night of 24 February 1942, when Los Angeles, frightened, prepared for war with other worlds. The time was tense, scary, military, and so any unidentified object flying over a big city caused fear, pain and panic. So what happened that tragic day. On a samurai fighter object was not similar, but the fears aroused. Therefore, all the air defense system were put on full combat readiness, the sky lit up by the lights of the restructuring, all combat troops prepared to shoot intruders who did not have enough rifles — sharpened sapper shovels, and one and all wondered what the hell was going on.

manygoodtips.com_25.07.2016_vFbtWJ9cw98pESome suggest that charming object was not Japanese miracle-Yuda, and certainly not by plane. Los Angeles is a great city, and well protected, and in order to do the same with him that three months earlier with the pearl Harbor needed an entire squadron. Although, the Japanese sent across the Pacific ocean balloons with explosives, and one of them even killed 6 people in Oregon. Most likely it was a stray weather balloon. But the paranoia of the locals is understandable in wartime even hand hog can be taken for a spy-poisoning, and various flying debris for an atomic bomb.

1947: something crashes in Roswell

Perhaps it became most notorious in the history of relations between humans and aliens. Strange aircraft crashed in Roswell, new Mexico, still is the cornerstone of myth-making in the United States.

The armed forces claimed that a crashed flying saucer, but after the instructions from above were forced to take back his words and apologize. Had to say that crashed the device used for monitoring nuclear tests, and this despite the fact that almost all the papers about UFOs. Some witnesses had said about the attempt of intimidation by the US government.

Initially, the incident was quickly forgotten even by ufologists and remained unknown for 30 years. Then, in 1978, physicist and ufologist Stanton T. Friedman interviewed major Jesse Marcel who was involved in the investigation of the events of 1947. Marcel was sure that the military has hidden discovered alien spacecraft. His story was widely spread among the fans and the UFO researchers and was the subject of several documentaries devoted to this subject. In February 1980, the tabloid The National Enquirer got its own interview with Marcel, which has further spread the fame of the Roswell incident.According to other witnesses, the incident was a major military operation, the aim of which was playing an alien spaceship. The Soviet press claimed that this was just a bad sample of the remake of rockets «FAU-2», built by a former Nazi henchman Werner von Braun. And in the era of the Cold war there was a rumor that this incident was set up by Stalin personally. It is known that aircraft, like plates designed by the Germans, and supposedly one of them, Soviet troops brought home. The plate and stuffed the mutilated corpses of children 11-13 years old (from the body of a stranger is always depicted low), and had planned to dump in the centre of a large city, but the plate has gone off course. Stalin was planning to confuse the «stupid Americans» and to create a panic similar to that which arose after the radio play of Orson Welles «war of the worlds» in 1938. However, the whole story — something from the stories that Peter ate babies, and Obama — disguised as bin Laden.

Anyway, this ship is useful will Smith in «independence Day».

1996: Alexis

manygoodtips.com_25.07.2016_dLpIgswUY1ojKIn the stormy night of August 13, 1996, the local crazy pensioner Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina received a «telepathic order:» stand up and immediately go to the cemetery. She had made such trips, to gather flowers, but this time, she managed to find the source of the signal. It appeared to be cowering little feeble man, with bulbous (like the logo of LUKOIL) head. Pensioner dubbed him Alex, and the world learned about it as the Kyshtym dwarf. Per person Leh wasn’t like, too ugly, but the beast was not. Who is he? Fake news? Definitely not, too many facts, photos and witnesses. We may be learned, but Tamara Vasilievna zadolbali their stories about Alexei all residents of the village. That all took for the exacerbations, it was sincere, all-consuming sacrificial love of a mother for her boy. But preventive procedures Lech lost, without a care he died. Walk he could not, daughter-in-law, Tamara Vasilievna claimed (Yes, she too knew) that Alex just lay there, blinked, and demanded food, as the average local resident. According to another version, killed care of a foster mother who nursed Alexei only risk and «sand». Although many people think that humanoid is found in the inanimate condition.

Ufologists and other mysterious searchers immediately began to claim that it was the alien who landed on our planet through the portal, or at least a dwarf rogue, or even wizard. However, it is believed that if the visitor from mysterious worlds is none other than child-freak, thrown by the mother, or in utero twin-parasite that managed to survive. External anatomical deformities, and the presence of bones of saying that. Besides, the area where you found Alex favourable to such tragedies. It’s still a Ural, near the former chemical plant «Mayak», which was forged from the nuclear potential of the USSR, but after the explosion of a huge nuclear waste storage site for many years contaminated by radiation. Maybe Alexis is one of the consequences of East-Ural radioactive trace.The true stories we have never heard, because after the body of a dwarf was taken to various studies, people in black suits, traces of the Cellar was lost, and most likely permanently.

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