UFC 152. The night of the scuffle in Toronto

In the night from Saturday to Sunday in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, ended the tournament in mixed martial arts under the aegis of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The main decoration of the event was the duel of the current Bro champion Jon Jones (Jon Jones; USA) and guy Vitor Belfort (Vítor Belfort; Brazil). Despite the good locks from the Brazilian early in the fight, Jones was able to seize the initiative and win in the fourth round.

Meanwhile, the first ever UFC fight for the world title in the Flyweight division lasted all five rounds, winning on points scored Demetrius Johnson (Demetrious Johnson, USA). Decision of judges has won the Michael Bisping (Michael Bisping; UK), but known to the Russian fans M-1 Magalhaes dude Vinny (Vinny Magalhaes; Brazil) painful reception decided the outcome of the match against Igor Pokrate (Igor Pokrajac; Croatia) in the second round.

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