Typical male things that are better not to do

Can shower me with stones, but I will say this seditious phrase — men are not perfect. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but if they got rid of some habits, habits and actions, then it could become perfect beings. It is not the beard makes the man, but actions. Some of them then feel ashamed, or worse — a bad life.

1 promise to marry


You don’t give the phrase any meaning and use it only as a bait to the virgin throw you ahead of time and not left in proud of sexual isolation. But girls could relate to the words of the marriage as the vows of the blood, and to break them, as you know, is impossible. Here’s the paradox: she can cast doubt on your promise to buy her a bag, but when it comes to the wedding, she’s ready to believe at once. Because he thinks you are such Holy things will not play. Better offer her something else: for example, the map in Killfish or buy all cups from IKEA.

Promise you can, if you have serious intentions and you’re sure this girl is into you is one and for life. And if you so want to compliment you for the best sex, then remember that when the blood again starts to rush to the head, the first thing you want to do is to expel her from the house.

2 to Argue with some

Remember who has the baton and the holster is on the right. And to dissolve peacock feathers and bulging cock Breasts is not worth it — maybe it can be costly. It would not lawlessness the authorities (and they mayhem so, mother dear, ask Eric how to check engine temperature, if allowed out) if you don’t have a crust and the magic of links, you’re nobody. Arguing with them is pointless — just to exaggerate the problem. Let them check your passport, don’t flaunt knowledge of the laws and don’t try to tell them that they are wrong. Better to be calm, gentle, and then there is a chance that you will go, even if you’re drunk.

3 to Argue with the staff

Don’t argue with staff. Bellow, to put in place — it please, sometimes they are useful, sober brain. But to argue, to persuade — it’s pointless. Say, in the inside of a social worker no heart, only capsule drive, which sucks the anger, the arguments and anger of the client. When the capsule is filled, hysteria mode is activated, automatically starts the aggression, and you poured a bucket of slops. Save the vultures feed.

And what’s the point to argue with them, because they are people dependent and are often hostages of the situation. There are claims — call the authorities.4 to Drop out of school

The majority of universities — absolute rubbish. God knows what they teach, teachers often idiots with an inferiority complex, and the price of this knowledge is worthless. Still need to attend the session, so that real study time simply does not remain. Here and solve a hot head to drop out of school and go to work.

Some make money, some get good positions and was surprised to find that for further career growth they need to… higher education. We must recover and spend precious time and money in the age when free time is much less. In addition, the University really gives you the knowledge — you just need to get them, and not to look on education as something unworthy of your person.

So don’t ever leave commenced will respond.

5 promises drunk


Your display of love and sincerity will be remembered. And then hint that it would be nice for the market to respond and to fulfill the promise. Don’t you remember I promised to help with the move, and now the hangover in the morning, hear from the tube: «Well, where are you?!» — it turns out that you promised and even borrow one to Gazelle. Or you call and say you gave your phone to in case of any problems and fights you might be called as «power Rangers». And you kind of remember, but never thought will return to you.

So try to control your speech, young man, even if he is in hop. Otherwise you’ll have to fulfill the promise.

6 Their behavior is to introduce yourself in the friend zone

She’s a wonderful, simply divine, incomparable and fun. You want so that just the teeth. You have never experienced such feelings, more no girl beat you so accurately hit the heart. Disarmed and submissive, like a fortress like a mountain top.

You don’t know what to do, fear that decisive action and forthright suggestions will scare her. Therefore, we should be very careful, educated and understanding. Rejecting the men’s coarseness and stiff bristles, you’re turning into indulging her in everything pocket page, where you can vent, cry and talk about the secret. She stops seeing you as a man — you voluntarily lost those notes and features that attract ladies. Your indecision and tugtupite made you a hostage of the friend zone, and what to do next — you decide.

7 to Dig into the wires, not turning off the lights

Well, Yes, Yes, and then you have a burned hand. Okay, not burnt, but any shock is not the most pleasant feeling in the world. After that, no desire to delve into the power outlet or connect the open wire will not appear. What you need to pull the fuses — second time same thing?8 In a fit of generosity to pay for the other

God forbid you are in a crowded bar, looking into the eyes of cute friends will utter you much under the influence of wine fumes, to notice that friends are going to leave because their wallets lost a few crisp bills with Arkhangelsk and Yaroslavl. Because this is the moment your drunk brain will lose the last crumbs of innate greed, and requires continuation of the Banquet. And God forbid you have the money, because adding together appeared generosity, the desire to drink and the availability of money, the brain give birth to the sentence: «my treat!».

No one will refuse — will have to treat. And then half of the month indulge in all things, to make ends meet. This phrase is more generous than any humanitarian mission in Africa, but only this generosity to all, except you. Morning, everyone will think only about how they have a headache, and now I have to buy you a drink. Do the conclusions.

9 to Believe that all the time


After 25 large children stop believing in Santa Claus and other magical creatures, but they continue to believe that if you do not do everything on time and in advance, it can still be all the time. For example, you need to get hands on help in two weeks, and you would go after her in the last 3 days. It would seem that there is even a reserve, because it was made for need only two days, but you always have problems. Don’t work in such organizations, the good fairy, do everything on time.

10 to Endure the pain

Some diseases are actually to hide, hiding, but not all. For example, a tooth that was sick even once, can hardly be called healthy. Stopped hurting — get ready for an extra dose of pain. Aching liver — do not thump, better calm down and go to the doctor. Yellow skin is not good, because hepatitis and cirrhosis positive the same as vitamins in dental plaque.

Can’t sleep, and plagued by panic attacks — stop to eat himself prescribed antidepressants. Such things are not joking, it’s not a cold. The fact that suffering from these sores, you continue to work, doesn’t make you a hero or «the man». Rather, the perfect candidate to share a room in any cemetery Motherland.

11 Leave the phone without a password when next your girlfriend

Can risk please, if life is not sweet or not enough thrills. But we warn you, the fighter: most likely, you just end. Your Luba with the fury of the monkeys, which during the mating period was stung by a hornet, and cynicism, characteristic of the major, the interrogator caught the spy, I’ll give you scandal, barely seeing your sins and adventures.

Don’t act all high and mighty — we believe in your purity, but the problem is that the offense is not obligatory, and quite suspicious of any correspondence with the femaleness to provide godlike wrath. Even if he explains the phrase: «Let me freak out, I’m a girl.»12 to do Everything on the go

We have completely forgotten how to enjoy simple things. Now take the same food — all on the run, if only to hammer in a stomach. And with a cigarette or something, right? Lit a cigarette and walked aimlessly, sniffing and inhaling. It is wrong, because it is stupid and pointless. After all, we have completely forgotten how to enjoy simple things, from food, from drink and other things. Comes to the fact that sex, too, will be «on the go».

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