Typical hick: how to tell a Siberian from a southerner

manygoodtips.com_7.02.2014_Efh9YUk1lVflFAs a veteran of our country with all its different people, I can assure you in far apart regions, which differ not only landscapes, but people. They even speak differently: of course, dialects differ not, as in Germany, where there is even a German-Bavarian dictionary, but sometimes the southern Siberian not understand. If you are attentive, you can learn to distinguish one from the other from the first minute Dating. Differ from other Siberians and a southerner, and a northerner, and a resident of the Far East?

A typical Siberian

Because all my life I saw around him the Siberians, at first it was difficult for me to understand how they differ from other inhabitants of Russia. Like ordinary people, average, nothing special stand out — like the faceless people. However, the longer I live abroad, the better feel that is not our way, not Siberian.

  • A Siberian does not consider that a fur coat, sheepskin coat, fur hat and boots (boots of reindeer skins) — it’s scary, dirty and fu. That is, even if it considers, it still does not make the tragedy, if you want to put them on. Warmer still nothing.
  • Hearing about how the temperature in Moscow dropped to minus ten, Siberian smiles smugly and says: «they have Lived here we have it in minus thirty-five, when children are not allowed to go to school, and they the morning on a sled in front of the house and ride!» Siberians do not like frost, but talking about it with pride.
  • Siberian know what Viatka and gacha, and rejects the notion that it is not known to everyone else.
  • Even on a cloudy day Siberian dedication reaches into the sea.
  • Siberian owns a secret skill of thawing the Windows in the bus with no hands: as hard as you can to blow on the ice, and it melts.
  • Siberian knows as snapping of the pine nuts. When he was little, my grandmother sold them on the street with glasses like seeds. He resultive them into two neat round halves.

Typical southern

Surprisingly, a true southerner is almost one to one stereotypical southerner. Everything you’ve heard is true. If you ever been to Ukraine, you almost don’t know what are typical southerners. Almost like Ukrainians, but Russians.

  • A southern drawl and speaks slowly, carefully placing the accent. In conditions of constant heat that helps to remember, are talking about.
  • Summer southerner fills a plastic bottle with water, tea or juice and puts it in the freezer to cool. Sometimes the bottle stays there long emergency, and the southerner remembers it only when its contents tightly freezes. Then he drinks from the bottle as thawing of the liquid, cursing himself for not remembering. Although some frozen drinks especially.
  • A southerner says «okay» and «you sho». From his mouth it sounds like «okay» and «you sho» because «and» is, you see, is not so. Said no other words, one «Yes» means something like «fuck yeah», «passed», «nothing to say». Terribly contagious habit.
  • A southerner knows what Burak and sastva. Besides him nobody knows.
  • In winter the South is suffering already at zero, every time responsibly stating that «we have a minus five is worse than they have in minus thirty».

A typical northerner

  • Northerner knows what is polar day and polar night, and patiently explains all that so, in fact, night may be clear, but that’s about the polar night are all somehow already know.
  • Severianin tired of questions about dwarf trees.
  • The northerner saw the Northern lights and full rights says it’s beautiful.
  • Typical northerner saw the snowdrifts above human growth, and even walked around made them the paths, as the corridors. Right snow, the snow on the left, you can see only what lies ahead, northerner cards to school.
  • Typical northerner knows that in all the Nordic countries, a high percentage of suicides, especially in the dark time of the year. Perhaps this reduces the percentage of suicides in the Russian North.

A typical inhabitant of the Far East

There are generally very few people arrives, these people are little seen. Most went to Vladivostok by car in despair already in the Irkutsk region and return back. The far East is a very fine science.

  • A typical inhabitant of the Far East are not surprised by the Sakhalin wild rose size chocolate medal with kindergarten and at least once I tried to jam.
  • The ocean is a usual phenomenon like a river for residents of all other regions.
  • Overseas grub for this guy, not exotic.
  • Typical far Eastern resident knows what it’s like to fly to Moscow eight and a half hours. He understands that he has no other choice, and if necessary will do it again.
  • He has no idea why you need to support the Russian auto industry, who needs cars with the left wheel, when fully and with the right.
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