Typical dance moves that makes every girl when drunk

Ordinary girls love to dance and have a few drinks for fun. And then to yell and wiggle your ass. But really, when girls get drunk, they often do the same thing. Especially when trying to dance. However, during strong intoxication, even the enslaved could climb and dance on the bar with which it needs to be urgently removed, and she will fall and break something.

Often the girls get up while dancing the same movement, in the belief that they emphasize their sexuality. At best it looks ridiculous, and at worst — forcing you to do feyspalm.

1. «This is my song»


When a girl hears a song that he considers «his», she is literally going crazy. Not to say that this song ITS only for a week, if not less. The pretty girl starts to move handles to swing from side to side and laugh. To reach the mind of the girl at this moment is absolutely impossible. At worst, she rushes to the dance floor, knocking all the people along the way, with shouts and oululainen. Then she starts slowly to swing, or the music, or desperately to jump up, hug my friends, to dance and scamper around the floor so that it becomes a shame, and sad. Stand to the girl very close at the time «this is my song» dangerous.

2. Fanning hair


Actually, shake hair and a nice swinging them in different directions as the girl walks around and shakes Breasts. It still attracts attention samtsova part of the population in any club. However, during the frequent obmakivaem his long hair may experience excessive hairiness, which will turn beautifully coiffed hair of our heroine into shreds or something reminiscent of the straw.

3. Dull attempt to shake ass Aki pop star


Kate Upton in the GIF makes it five. Very cool work. But the girl without training and dancing at least in childhood makes it incredibly pathetic. Pretty girl with long watched different videos on music channels and YouTube, to somewhere in the depths of her mind entrenched belief that movement Asses the strange trajectory — the sexiest thing you can think of in the world. It’s very funny, especially when she’s trying to make movements with the whole body wave style.

4. Group dance

When a lot of girls going together, it resembles a hurricane. I’m serious. Now they will show their knowledge of such dances like the Macarena, «train» and «long » caterpillar». Girls having fun shaking bodies and, perhaps, if very lucky, you will be able to see something like lesbian scenes. But always remember that it is better only in theory and for beautiful pics. When the two shaggy-haired, red-cheeked girl with traces of divorces cosmetics and strong intoxication begin to touch each other and try to kiss, it looks nauseating. Don’t do it, girl, what a passion for lesbian games? This is the replacement of the missing male? So here I am!

5. Shaking ass in style porn

If you’ve heard of the pop singer in all sense of the word «pop» like Miley Cyrus, it just that case when the girl shakes booty in no uncertain terms. Where to watch her father, a famous, by the way, the rocker! When a girl REALLY drink and do all what we wrote, again fingered his girlfriend, she finds any media penis kilometer radius will begin to do to him what Miley is doing in the GIF. If the male is absent, his role will take over a girlfriend. In fact, it looks quite attractive and makes you want to have someone to dig your eyes out with a fork.

6. A sudden shout while dancing


Suddenly she realizes that she’s got a beautiful girlfriend or that she’s just incredibly cool. And she unexpectedly begins to scream loudly or scream. Her support from her friends and it turns into a wild cacophony. Located near the epicenter of the Creek is dangerous for eardrums.

7. Dance while eating


Why be distracted from some case if you can do it dance! I saw a girl dancing near the bar continued to throw in tequila and eat sushi. Sometimes she is with a mouth full runs to the dance floor and have fun spinning on his heels.

Women in the country.

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