Two years bro breaks the lock in my sister’s room and steals her toy

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As the saying goes, we all come from childhood, and sometimes it is more than true. Before us is the history when traits are manifested from childhood.

Often parents in America put in a kids room camera to observe what they are doing at night without their knowledge. We don’t think it’s a great idea: in our view, parents do it just to have something to put on Youtube. These parents are lucky.

8-year-old girl named Joan Moser complained to her mother that her younger brother opens the door to her room and takes his toys. Parents, of course, did not believe — and for good reason. But the camera is still set.

The video clearly shows that the guy opens the door lock with the help of manicure scissors, and then innocently returns them back, walks into his sister’s room and picks up a plush toy and pillow. Mission accomplished! Apparently I trained Jim Digriz, when he was 2 years old.

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