Two tornadoes destroyed the city in Missouri

Last week Missouri was visited by a fire tornado, on Saturday, two major storm has destroyed 80 percent of buildings in the small town of Orrick, located near Kansas city.

Local TV, citing reliable sources, said that the tornado caused significant damage to the local economy. High-rise buildings were destroyed or partially damaged, the roof of small houses scattered throughout the city, glass and construction materials lying here and there. Despite the enormous destruction of the city of Orica, currently not received any reports about serious injuries or deaths. Witnesses said that a huge whirlwinds carried off the trees, animals, and even pedestrians on the streets. Fortunately, the victims escaped with only a fright, bruises and small injuries.

Most of the residents of Orica managed to hide in the basements of their houses or to go out of the city: a storm warning from Kansas city came quickly enough. Sunday after a tornado started with heavy rain with thunderstorm, but apart from a barn that was hit by lightning, but no damage. Experts estimate the losses, the volunteers and the salvation army have already arrived with food, drinking water and a large stock of tents and clothing. It is expected that this week’s tornado and storm winds affected several towns in the Midwest of America.

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