Two things which may affect man

from what can depend peopleLife is not much different from the game, even though she is not the ultimate goal. Its everyone chooses for himself — if it chooses. Who strives for power and respect, and someone not showing off and just looking for happiness don’t know is it or not. Some dudes and do choose for themselves specific goals: for example, money or women. In short, the priorities depend on personal preference.

The game has clear rules which must be adhered to, otherwise the game will not take place. In life we also say to obey the laws and follow social norms, but here at least we have a choice. Before each of us opens the garden of forking paths that can lead us to any goal you can imagine.

On the road you have to deal with different people. Some will help you, others will not. From those who’ll assist you, you can fall into addiction, but this always entails risk. The native people could die. A friend can betray. The girl can throw. What are you going to do if this happens?

Others will always play with you, but that doesn’t mean that you can depend on. For dependency sooner or later come to failure and frustration.

Remember one thing: in this life you can only rely on two things: your body and your mind — that your whole Toolbox. You should nurture them like a gardener grows flowers in his garden. Concentrate on how to improve them to constantly progress, and then you’ll have a much better chance to win.

If a dependent man is a tragedy, he immediately plunges into depression, lose hope and cease to strive. He lowers his hands.

Truly independent man doesn’t give up. He has everything ready (more or less). He is unlikely to have a plan in case it will betray a best friend, but he himself is quite strong in body and mind to get through it. Independent type not only able to survive the bad times — he manages to save face and not go off course. So, the body and mind. The mind and body.

Your body

If you care about your body, it will be strong and healthy. Moreover, in a healthy body, as we know, a healthy mind — from ancient times this Maxim has never yet been disproved. A proper diet reduces the risk of various diseases, including cardiovascular and cancer.

Eat normal food

I won’t go into details because everyone has a different diet, and that’s fine.

If you balance your diet and will eat only quality meats, fruits and vegetables, your body will bloom. Meat will provide you with protein and amino acids for growth. Fruits and vegetables will adjust the necessary fiber and vitamins. A man who is properly nourished, adequately responds to stress and can rely on. We even know what products grow muscles.

Get weight

It strengthens the nervous system, muscles, joints and bones — by the way, the main components of your body. Effective the body strong and hardy.

Your mind

To be healthy and live mind that the success of the banal and adequacy. Only sane person stands firmly on his feet. Even it is a strong and healthy body just go if devoid of a strong mind.

Read the book

Reading is the best way to absorb someone else’s wisdom. The more and better you read, the more you learn and the wiser you will be. We will tell you what to read (we have our own cozy top books). Blogs is also good, however, hand on heart answer me this: does the quality of the average blog post is higher quality than any average book? Doubt now. The fact that the post is written for a clock, and books people put more time, effort and thought.

The knowledge you will draw from the books will make you more confident.


Otherwise — reflection. This is the best way of self-knowledge after which comes the development. Introspection inherent in developed people, and also helps to develop, so the reflection never hurt anyone. How to dig yourself correctly and without babsky suffering, I will tell you

Depend on two things

You have your mind and your body. At your disposal there is nothing. You are born with it and die with it too. You’re your only wealth.

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