Two powerful tornado swept over new York

Bro, on Saturday over new York swept a minimum of two tornado. The city authorities reported minor losses.

In the midst of a powerful tornado, the speed of which reached 150 kilometers per hour, was the Queens. The second tornado slightly smaller power hooked Brooklyn. The result of the terrible element – overturned cars, broken trees, torn roofs. Many neighborhoods were left without power supply.

In the Internet appeared the video, shot on the beach a normal guy and part-time four-year-old boy on a mobile phone father: it shows the vortex «sleeve» that is coming to the city.

«The sound was like a train», — quotes the media the words of the father, normal guy, Peter Maloney.

Data on injured or dead from a tornado in new York at the moment. Not alone Bro not postradal. Fiesta!

Manhattan, too, is practically not affected. In the top of the island — Fort-Tryon — element «scared» of a few wedding ceremonies held on the terraces of the Park. However, even here the century-old trees stood in the wind.

On Sunday, the weather center predicts a cloudless sky.

Tornado in new York

Tornado in new York

Tornado in new York


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