Two-headed pig


Dude, what deformities do not exist in nature! The two-headed is not the most pleasant type of mutation, which in nature have already met a two-headed dogs, cats, rats, sharks and even snakes (in their appearance they are very reminiscent of a slingshot).

Now in China found two-headed pig, frankly, not a very pleasant sight disgusting phenomenon. In the «fifth» two snouts, two ears and a single eye. Born is a miracle in the village Gudang (Jiujiang), which is in Jiangxi province. Of course, this data won’t give. Strange animal wanted to send to the slaughter, but the Chinese regretted the two-headed Piglet, not afraid to spoil the frankly weird sausage meat, the pig was cuter babe, but farmers took the animal to his house where they keep as a pet.

Generally, the pig to live is nothing: with such ugliness, unfortunately, do not last long. But the pig last days people live. However, we still highly recommend the dudes from this province to walk back and forth with a Geiger counter, a little.

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