Two guys have reproduced the whole country in the game Minecraft


Minecraft a few years ago was just an insanely popular game. Now interest in virtual cubes decreased slightly, but the talents of the players then give birth to a detailed model of king’s landing from «Game of thrones», an exact reproduction of their native cities.

But these guys from Denmark has definitely surpassed all. No one has ever created anything like this in Minecraft. As you can see in the video below, two craftsmen from the Danish Geodetic Agency has created a full scale model of the whole of Denmark in 1:1 scale. Recently it was shown to the General public. First who posted this news, was the gaming forum NeoGAF.

According to gaming site Kotaku, the names of these two men who created the project, Simon Kochendorf and thorbjørn Nielsen. Kotaku also reports that the creators of the impressive three-dimensional models Denmark want to use it for educational purposes. Students model to be a visual aid to assess the full scope of his native country, and students of architectural specialties will learn landscape and urban planning. Will be actively used in teaching the game Minecraft, the developers are not reported.

Regardless of future use, everyone can agree that the model looks impressive. She managed to surprise not only gamers, but also far from the games people.

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