Two extremely severe bottle opener


Opener — the farm thing is very useful, too. To carry stylish opener when you are going to someone to visit, extremely, wildly and incredibly cool. True, man!

Guests of this post — an incredibly cool watch, made of cast iron in far Japan enterprise which is engaged in the daunting task of the last hundred years (wow continuity of generations!).

The first opener like the old tongs that would be good to torture a man in that sort of «Game of thrones». She looks wildly cool, covered with a beautiful black lacquer. The dimensional characteristics are the following: 2 x 7.5 x 0.25″. It is clear, as mites it can also be used (though sorry).


The second opener no less strict than the first, and is a very vintage hammer. It is made from cast iron, its dimensional characteristics are the same as the ticks.

Value of the opener the same — $ 21, they are covered with black lacquer, quite heavy, but very cool.


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