Two drunk women beat the seals on the beach in California


So, comrades, this is very interesting news. Rather, she’s weird, well, who would think to beat the poor animals?

Video surveillance showed that on the beach San Diego two drunk women seriously beat the unfortunate seals. The video shows two women in white suits trying to sit down and seals to use the techniques of karate and generally behave very strange. Character movement it’s safe to say that karate is very drunk.

Animal advocates, especially not like that lady beat her newborn cub and its mother.

Now until may 15, to the beach at night is strictly prohibited! The fact that just at this time, the seals breed, and now they began to fear people.

Ladies, incidentally, is not caught — which is a pity. It seems to us that these women are taking revenge on seals because they killed their families. Or that they have such training.

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